【Donathon!】[Drawing/Games/Singing/Freetalk] My first Donathon! - pusugames.com

【Donathon!】[Drawing/Games/Singing/Freetalk] My first Donathon!

Aesirlina Orca【Snoxxy Virtue Re: Union】
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Haroo orocamono! ini pertama kalinya lina buka donathon, karna lina butuh banyak ikan untuk upgrade pc dll agar lina bisa berkarya dan berkembang untuk kalian, mohon dibantu ya minna, jangan lupa di share juga~ thank you!
happy watching~

Donathon rules!
1 fish = will add 5 minutes

Rules in Orca stream:

– Don’t mention Other Vtuber names unless I’m the one who mentions them
– Don’t be Toxic
– Don’t do spam
– Don’t go out of the topic on the stream
– Hate speech

– Have fun
– Be respectful towards others

Untuk donasi bisa ke link dibawah ini:

Ask me anything!

My Hashtag:
#OrcalinaStream (Live Stream tag)
#Orcalinaart (Fanart Tag)
#Orcalinaclip (Clip Tag)
#Orocamono (Fan name)

My social media:
Discord Official Snoxxy Virtue:
Special Thanks to All of the Snoxxy Virtue Staff and Members

Special Thanks To:
Herashel Bright [Talent Leader]:

Akayuki Yuran [Character Design & Rigging Artist]

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