[1/18/2020] Drawing and games with friends! (pummel party and league) - pusugames.com

[1/18/2020] Drawing and games with friends! (pummel party and league)

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  1. Continuing my investigation. Lily has her twitch mods mute anyone who asks lily about dating.

    Is she dating Micheal? Or is it because she doesn’t want anyone to ask about her past?

  2. Lily I'm gonna cut up, cook, and devour Temmie if you don't put the title in the next one.

  3. SYKUNNO so borring to watch.. and akward to talk.. RT

  4. Poor Lilysadchu, just trying to play pummel part 😛

  5. That is why the letter c is the worst. At least in the English language. It's too confusing. It's only use is when paired with h to make the only unique sound it has, the ch- sound

  6. omg yay i never get to watch you draw on stream because im always busy so THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING THIS

  7. When fed and lily talk to each other , so wholesome uwu

  8. Wait is this actually a stream finally without Michael it’s a miracle

  9. 1:52:09
    Toast: bright orange bright orange
    Michael: i killed myself i killed myself


  11. Came here again after watching otv podcast #5. . . . Something about humour 😗😗😗

  12. Amazing and chill stream found it relaxing the silence wile lily draws and fed watched and funtimes with party games and leage grind hope you ha e a good one

  13. Lily: Why are we still here just to suffer

    Temmie: –__

  14. I am so glad we get the entire vod! Living in the other side of the world doesnt feel like I am missing out now

  15. Don't be so scared on Caitlyn, you've got ALL the range

  16. I am a simple man, I see Michael Reeves and I click.

  17. 37:1938:51 – What the hell just happened? That was so wholesome, even the music matched.

  18. Props to Fed for being there for Lily and talking to her. It seems like she needs to talk about what bothers her more instead of bottling up. Everyone has bad days and at least she shares hers with us.

  19. Transferring the VODs over youtube is such a great idea. My aussie wifi is so crap that the twitch player keeps timing out, having me to refresh the page and repeating the same 30 seconds ads after refreshing. Now on youtube I can watch 20 various 5-15 second ads each 10 mins :D. Thanks Lily for this amazing ruseless business tactical idea! And Jummy updating the channel but seriously Jummy….when are u giving Temmie back to Lily?

  20. I watched this vod for straight up 3 hours holy

  21. Thx for the vod channel I Listen to these while building my warhammer minis

  22. This is the 1st time I've ever heard speak korean, wish could hear that more

  23. i am so thankful to your nice streams and i am also very happy with this channel <3 it is the best thing that put on every day when i need to concentrate on working and i can just get stuff done to ur voice talking about anything ! ps. i keep the the video tap playing to take a look at wt u r doing every other moment especially if it's u playing music or drawing cuz it's pretty mesmerizing <3

    Love You Lily <3 <3 <3

  24. why does one of them sound like a voice actor for dubbed lol

  25. sharing problems with someone is always the best solution in being lonely cause being alone make you vulnerable in many many ways, I know cause I've been there, done that, took me along time to fix myself cause I was fighting all alone by myself so I'm happy for Lily that she has allot of good friends.

  26. 2:26:59 If Fed went right, he wouldn’t have died because Lily’s thing was only to steal coins and it wouldn’t have killed him. But him dying actually brought him closer so I guess he made the right choice!

  27. Was this not supposed to be the 24 hour codding stream they promised back in december

  28. lily i just wanna say, when you were talking about scent with the silent s or c, actually if you take the s off its cent which is already a word and if u take the c off its sent which is also already a word so basically neither of them are silent

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