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100% THE FUNNIEST GAME WE’VE EVER PLAYED! | Gartic Phone (*NEW* Drawing Game)

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The rules of this game are simple: Start a story. Someone else tries to draw that story. Then someone else tries to guess the story from that drawing. Repeat over and over. By the end, there’s a 100% chance that someone screwed it all up xD


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  1. mouse vs rat i would write in response to Bryce's drawing "rat pulls out gun on chicken over cheese"

  2. You guys need to make this a series it’s so fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Toonz being happy cus he was drawn the imposter is so funny 💖🤣

  4. 17:35 Toonz looking at the picture of squirrel and zooming in once squirrel says what is so funny to me 🤣🤣🤣

  5. You know something about you irl and you in the thumbnails doesn't translate so good

  6. "C 123
    2 weeks ago
    Please make this a series. I need more of this."

    Dragon Shenron: …(dramatic pause, his red eyes glow, )

  7. I hope bryce shuts up. I hate hearing his voice

  8. Even Google had no idea what "Scientists stealing at the 5th Avenue" was. What the hell kinda prompt is that??

  9. Anybody noticed how Delirious is in the thumbnail but not in the video..?

  10. I rlly don’t want to have to get the thing from a proctologist that happens to every male when they stick their hand up there to check your colon and stuff

  11. Lmaoo I can imagine Vanoss and Terroriser coming up with 100 ideas for drawing😂 lmaoo

  12. I like how cartoonz is describing how to draw every picture. Just like Steve in blues clues drawing the clues in the notebook.

  13. Cartoonz why is your background moving? It really bothering.

  14. •Sees dog in suit and tie• is that the sheriff from MHA? 😂😅

  15. If I’m not mistaken it’s only a tuxedo if it has a bow tie not a tie

  16. Why delirious in thumbnail but not in vid????????

  17. i have covid rn and this shit is making me cough from all the laughing i can’t breathe 😂

  18. delirious is in the pic but not in the vid

  19. Is anyone else gonna notice the red guy was supposed to be giving the rectal exam

  20. Ria, Ghoostie, and Jihi are truly talented artists. If only Ria was in this one.

  21. I'm here after finding out about the game from others, and noticed the upload was from Toonz

  22. Your nun in space looks like a witch with a dunce cap

  23. 21:50 my dude has like two left elbows! or his arm is broken,either way i'm freakin dead

  24. the tuxido dog looks like someone from payday 2 but with a dog mask

  25. Cartoonz, I've been growing my beard out. How do you get yours to look so shaped and shiny?

  26. Dont say bad words or else i will not sub

  27. Jihi is absolutely elated in the thumbnail. "Finally, an art game!"

  28. 3:37 Did Kyle draw this? He's the only one I know to not use the fill tool 😂🤣😂
    Edit: It was Ghoostie??? Oh no Ghoostie no 🤣

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