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3 art apps you need to download on your ipad ✨🥰💗

Karen Daphne
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  1. 1st one: Free!
    3rd one: Also free!

    And the second one. Yeah- we don’t talk abt it’s not free…

  2. Ibis Paint x is a good app too for draw <3

  3. no The nomad sculpt is expensive is cost 999.00 😢😢😢😢 i thought is a free app

  4. I cant find paper… can anyone help me find it?

  5. Pigment Is For Adults
    Normad Is Expensive
    Paper Is Ok

  6. for paper i can't find the app but it look cool😮😮

  7. 😊 I use sketchpad on web for drawing online

  8. Me that just ibis paint x to draw : owh maybe i should download that-

  9. Okayy,, i just waiting for the ipad 🗿

  10. Throw away your current phone and get a iPad mini

  11. Paper ta cotay gele pabo amito play story teke searches desi paina😢😢😢😢

  12. What tablet do you have bc I'm a young artist and I'm stuck with my phone right now 🙁

  13. But nomad sculp is 39,99 for me 😭
    My parents would say no 😭

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