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3 Games Where You Can Draw Anything (One Was Awesome)

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Look, a new #1 free game on the app store. Must be AMAZING right? No? Okay 😥

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  1. With the first game it is actually quite fun but he ruined it by only drawing the same thing

  2. i’m on level 847 in draw climber. Turn off your internet for no ads.

  3. Hahahaha i was expecting him to say

    "Welcome back to BATTLE CATS"

  4. This video is 100% not stolen from captainsauce's 3 random games

  5. That thumbnail…its just wrong…..

  6. I found a glitch to not watch the ads without paying, when an ad comes up, try to go to home then go back to the game and the ad is gone

  7. Got to level 4567
    And my levels went back to 1

  8. If you shut of WiFi on your electronics they can't give you ads

  9. You said da box the way you say it in ufinland yes I know I spelled it wrong sorry love the channel

  10. I think all these positive rewiews from games bombarded with ads are from bots

  11. I like how matt is suffering but hes acting not

  12. why dont you turn off your internet connection than ads wont comes

  13. I literally got an ad for Raid Shadow Legends right after he finished complaining about them.

  14. thare is a new classic levels in mr bullet!

  15. I’m 15 and still don’t feel like the audience he’s catering to

  16. lily is 300 times smarter than albert einstein

  17. Mamena means nose germs 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    U make me laugh

  18. If u draw a straight line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner you are winning

  19. I see his appstore is iOS, but the purchase thing looks likes Android/google play (in another vid

  20. Mobile game ads: iTs HaRdEr ThAn It LoOkS…

  21. im the type of person who watches ads for fun

  22. please continue "brain it on!" the game is acually really fun

  23. Genuinly enjoying a mobile game on the last one? Wow

  24. only one fun on this games is u make video about this

  25. MattShea you should play rodeo stampede on the phone

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