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5 Free (and Really Good) Drawing & Painting Apps

Brad Colbow
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If you’re looking for some new drawing and painting apps to use that won’t break the bank here is a list of 5 drawing programs that are actually really good. In this video I check out Krita, Autodesk Sketchbook, MyPaint, Medibang Paint and Ibis Paint X. Some of these are multi platform, some are only Mac, Windows, Linux or iOS/android.


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  1. I have ibis paint x and it's very simple for me and it's because I use an Android phone

  2. Already tried all those apps but my fav is just ibis paint

  3. krita anad autodesk Arent on the appstore anywhere

  4. ibis paint (free version) in my opinion is much better than the one you have to pay for, Btw Watching one ad in Ibis Paint X lets you use all the brushes for 18 hours straight + Brushes you imported.

  5. Im using phone no mypaint no krita

  6. Been using Sketchbook for years. But now that I sort of want to try a Drawing tablet instead of a IPad and my fingers, I sort of look up new possibilities.

    But great that the one I'm already using look compatible.

  7. Ibis paint sucked for me cuz i started having cpu problems on it,good thing i found this vid

  8. i'M gOnNa bE a StAr sTaR, i'M gOnNa bE i I'm gOnNA says:

    I have trick for the unlocking of the brushes, if you turn of the WiFi on your device , then click ,,get for free,, and voila : you don't have to watch an ad.

    (I believe it only works for phones because my "Buttons" look different )

  9. Tribulations will come but GODS light will always sustain providing a metaphoric place for your soul to refuge. GOD is Good 🙏!

  10. I use sketchbook! It’s amazing for digital art and super easy to use! 10/10 would recommend! 😁

  11. where do i download sketchbook?
    i cant find it in microsoft store

  12. I am sad, Krita now has to be paid for.

  13. Fyi this vid 🧢 sketch brook and ibis need payment

  14. I personally love Autodesk Sketchbook ( both the free version and the pro version ). It’s simple and easy to use. This app doesn’t have a lot of clutter everywhere to confuse and overwhelm you. Where your like “ Where do I start ?! “. In Sketchbook I just jumped into drawing before the idea gets away from me. 😂

  15. Hi Brad, I need a drawing software that works on other software such as excel, Quick books or MS Word, is there such a thing?

    Thanks a lot

  16. Ibis paint user here, he's right about how good it actually is and the app let's you use brushes you get after an add for about 16-18 hours

  17. I really want ibis paint but I don't have the money for it 🙁

  18. Can someone tell me why sketchbook costs on the Microsoft store?

  19. Lets just appreciate the adorable drawings he draws

  20. When you watch an ad for the brushes on ibisPaint last 18 hours, used to be 48 but has changed, I hope this helps some one! 🙂


  22. Free with adds most of these or not free at all

  23. In IbisPaint, when you view one ad, you'll get all brushes for 18 hours. 😊

  24. And also legends

  25. I draw in a notebook but the thought of drawing on a tablet anywhere you go just seems exciting

  26. Since CSP will go subscription fee, I will pick on some of these.

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