Agile Game Principles: Draw A House -

Agile Game Principles: Draw A House

The Agile Coach
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This game focuses on the principle around working daily with the ‘business’ to get the job done. These post-Apple days it’s more about working with THE USERS every day/frequently too.

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  1. Congratulations for your exercises!I watched this video many years Ago, and saved in my Agile vídeos playlist!Nowaday, i needed to replicate this exercise with my team!And let me ask you, any idea how to do something similar during pandemic when everybody is working remote?

  2. And six months down the line no-one can remember who said what to who and the blame game starts. I 💓 the Agile process, said no design ever.

  3. Making mistakes and learning via quick, abstracted games is a lot more efficient than the alternative, which is to assume everyone knows what they're doing, plod on for years and realise at the end it doesn't meet user needs, is late, overblown with unnecessary features, or just not delivered at all. And if it's in an organisation with critical frontline staff, all the less money to put toward that.

  4. Sadly YouTube decided to downgrade this to 480p and introduce some vibration!! Nevermind, will reshoot it one day.

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