AoE2 Drawing game -

AoE2 Drawing game

Nili_AoE – Age of Empires
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Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (AoE2: DE) content broadcast live on Twitch

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  1. Pauli is T90?! xD the man, the mustacheBiper=Viper xD

  2. although your drawing is amazing🤪🤪, it was fun to watch, thanks Nili!

  3. fun content! what site did you guys use?

  4. I was really hoping the battle elephant was actually Parthian Tactics, so that Nili would finally realise its Parthian with an R.

  5. When you draw like an unborn child 👌🏼

  6. Just the thumbnail deserved a thumbs up Nili! 😀 <3

  7. This is the game i play when i am bored.. but no aoe2

  8. I hope we can agree that scout cavalry drawing was just… just awful.

  9. Just draw a tree and a boot. I wouldn't have come up with that on the spot though.

  10. That was good fun you should do this again at some point.

  11. This was so good, I'd love to see more!

  12. Nice concept honestly. However if I was that scout I would run into an enemy TC and end my suffering. Looked like an ant 11

  13. "If you put blue there, everyone knows the map." *puts blue* 7:27

  14. can i have the link to this game pls? with aoe questions

  15. Niii: Complains about a decent camel drawing
    Also Nili: sCoUt CaVaLrY

  16. I would have drawn a Wonderwall for Oasis.
    Btw: Nice Thumbnail Nili

  17. nili practice paint everyday, and still very bad at sketching

  18. I love how Biper was the first to get "capture the relic". Maybe his chat always nagging him to get the relics was worth it in the end!

  19. You should make this a regular thing Nili! Good video man! No#1 hippo lover

  20. Who made the wordlist for this round? Can you consider publishing it maybe? 🙂

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