Art Game - Guess Who I'm Drawing! -

Art Game – Guess Who I’m Drawing!

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@Audity #shorts guess who I am drawing before the video’s over!


  1. Rich always has this confused aimless stare and half-smile at the beginning of half of these shorts lmao

  2. Ngl as soon as I saw her drawing I thought that it looked like Gordon

  3. Anyone else thought it was gonna be Vegeta up until the blonde part?

  4. Actually her drawing is very accurate to Gordon. She did amazing

  5. No he will turn you into an idiot sandwich😂


    it’s blond
    DaNG IT

  7. Gorden Ramsay needs to react to this lol

  8. Y’all I thought it was Donald trump also when typing this i Almost wrote daddy

  9. I remember Gordan Ramsay calling the virgin teacher a virgin doughnut

  10. I said Bakugo, I'm sorry that I said that

  11. Was it just me or with anyone else thinking bakugou from my hero Academia

  12. I thought it was the guy from up before he said his hair was blonde

  13. I hope you did not see this or else laughs

  14. This literally reminds me of philza mc and his wife

  15. The fact that Rich called Gordon Ramsay a daddy is killing me

  16. "oh no he is going to call me donut!"

  17. As soon as I heard that he had blond hair I giesses Gordan Ramsy

  18. she drew him pretty accurately considering she had no idea who it was

  19. Lol "he's gonna call me a donut😭" best thing other than: "IF YOUR DOING SPONGE BOB I SWEAR" HAHAHA

  20. Her: Oh no he's going to call me a donut!!!"
    Me: " Your just making meh hungry!!!"

  21. I'm telling you as soon as I heard Gordon Ramsay I ran to the comments section 🏃‍♀️💨

  22. He sings this video schools after the video ends missing a golden Ramsey video and scrolling up again to put this comment

  23. IF you are just doing songs Bob I swear to God

  24. when she said I think I know who it is it's probably Rick from Rick and morty

  25. Who else guesses at
    Last minute but when I saw the character I guessed Gordon I love it

  26. I knew it was gordon from the moment he said disappointed in everyone

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