ASMR 1hr Drawing Game of Thrones Map - Westeros | Soft Spoken -

ASMR 1hr Drawing Game of Thrones Map – Westeros | Soft Spoken

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Drawing the GOT continent of Westeros, rivers, mountains, region borders and capitals, while Binaural Soft speaking in Swedish accent – to help you relax and sleep.

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Westeros and Västerås in Sweden
5:30 Light Sketching
9:28 Coastline
19:10 Roads
25:32 Mountains
29:46 Forests
33:31 Deserts & Rivers
42:40 Seven Kingdoms Borders
49:37 Capitals and Castles
53:22 Major Cities
1:01:51 Game of Thrones Lore Show & Tell
1:05:42 Labelling the Seas
1:13:28 Adding Storm’s End

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ASMR stands for ”Autonomous sensory meridian response”

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  1. Looks like a miniature painting by Jackson Pollock.

  2. Wow such great asmr i fell asleep will doing my school work.

  3. My stick figure would look great with your drawing 😑😑😑😑

  4. One of the name you got there says “Pingu” in Cuba that means big cock…

  5. ASMR some kinda weird fetish that people jerk off too??

  6. this was amazing please do Alagasia from Eragon <3

  7. If you haven’t seen Game Of Thrones then you wont understand 90% of the comments

  8. You really need to stop talking in the videos. Your voice is just irritating.

  9. I’ve watched this video hundreds of times just to see him using he map at the start. It was sooo relaxing, keep it up man

  10. Could you draw the rdr 1 or 2 map plz. Love your stuff bro. I wanna draw like that to

  11. you should draw russia's map idk why but just because i like the name Russia

  12. I'll save this for tonight. I'll fall asleep in a minute!

    That about Västerås was funny actually. I've never realized it. If I lived in the south I probably would've, though.

  13. Only asmr channel where I go back in the vid to repeat the intro

  14. What is happening right now? Where have I ended up?

  15. Can you draw the Marauders map from Harry Potter

  16. Ett till smeknamn till Västerås är pulverstaden också

  17. Yeah this is why i can no longer force myself to sleep BECAUSE THAT VOICE IM JUST SLEEP

  18. Can you draw a map of Indonesia? It will be cool 😎😎😎

  19. As a person who can’t draw stick figures you’re work is absolutely Beautiful

  20. I woke up a three eyed raven the next morning.

  21. This video must have put the show runners asleep for that terrible last season.

  22. Could you draw a wings of fire map? It’s a very popular book and I’m sure people will like.

  23. Can you draw a map of Florida but make it have funny names instead of the real towns/cities names

  24. Anyone else getting the mr beast ads? Lmao

  25. So that’s what the fabled land of Australia looks like

  26. I don't quite understand what clicked because I never really was into the map drawing but all of a sudden you are the only asmrtist I have been falling asleep to. Thanks for the great content 👍

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