ASMR 2hrs Drawing Game of Thrones Map - Essos | with Sea Monster -

ASMR 2hrs Drawing Game of Thrones Map – Essos | with Sea Monster

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2 Hours of Drawing the GOT continent of Essos and surrounding areas, Binaural Soft spoken in a Swedish accent – to help you relax and sleep.

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Essos – A large continent
2:20 Light Sketching
8:24 Coastline
15:23 Stepstones & other islands
23.30 Rivers
33:05 Mountains
40:12 Forests
45:13 Cinnamon Straits
50:58 Cities
56:45 City of Ghosts – Vaes Leisi
1:04:59 Old Empire of Ghis
1:14:55 Plains
1:23:55 Dothraki Sea Borders
1:27:11 The Free Cities Borders
1:30:40 Ghiscari, Lhazar, Qarth, Yi Ti
1:32:14 Great Empire of the Dawn
1:34:07 Valyrian Roads
1:39:00 Steel Road over Bone Mountains
1:45:37 Drawing Sea Monster & Compass Rose
1:53:49 Map Labelling

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  1. ok but your voice hits diff, i think i fell in love👨🏻‍🦯

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  3. No es relajante es estresante que asco

  4. I love your videos more than anything else but the way you hold pencils stresses me out 😂

  5. I used to LOVE bob ross your my new bob ross

  6. Hola no se quien eres y no entiendo tu idioma pero tu voz me encanto me relajo demasiado, gracias🙂

  7. So I just came back to this video and realized I accidentally clicked the dislike button. Must be because I fell asleep. Sorry bout that lol

  8. it is not a clickbait. video length exactly 2 hours.

  9. I love the way you trace the outline before making the borders. That part is the best.

  10. I’ve never seen game of thrones but when I looked at the photo I was like is that a poorly dream usa? lol but it looks good

  11. ⿻࣪࣪͜🎀This is perfect in a thousand ways, your voice is very relaxing, and the video helps me improve my english, ah I loved it

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  13. I had my phone on when it was on 100% I thought I shut it off now it’s at 23% and I’m 1hour and 50 minutes through the bide

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  15. Thanks for respecting those of us who need maps to make sense of things

  16. You sir are an artist and I love your content ❤️

  17. There’s not point of a dislike button on this

  18. This is very very beatiful

  19. Ngl it looks similar to the map of europe

  20. Essos is warped Turkey, Change my mind

  21. That was amazing and so accurate, I think grrm changed the sarnor river but other than that the geography is so dope! Great video

  22. Hey I use posca pens too sometimes for my custom shoes

  23. This without the commentary would be lit fam

  24. you mumble a lot it's hard to understand what you're saying 🤨

  25. hey m8 i think ur maps outdated shes missing half 🙂 Lmk if u need me to draw the other half!

  26. I saw Lachlan as one of the first names. But then it was spelt lauchlan. Still, super close. I’ll take it.

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