Baby Panda's Underwater Trip - Play And Explore Sea Animals - Baby Drawing Games -

Baby Panda’s Underwater Trip – Play And Explore Sea Animals – Baby Drawing Games

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Join the fun baby panda’s underwater drawing trip!
There are a lot of sea animals and creatures underwater. Dolphins, lobsters, seaweed, coral… You can touch them, draw whatever you like and color them to bring life to them! Place the sea animals you had painted in the water, you will find something surprising! They will dance, sing and play with you!
Are you ready, artists? Let’s begin the underwater adventure with baby panda Kiki! Draw, paint and color sea animals!

Wow! It’s Dolphin! Follow the dots with your fingers to draw a dolphin, coloring it and become friends with the dolphin! Watch out, a scary shark is coming here! Quick, draw a submarine and chase it away! Oh no,baby panda Kiki is trapped in the seaweed. What shall we do? Let’s draw a crab and cut the seaweed to free him! There are also lots of interesting sea animals living in the sea. Come and find them! Drawing & Painting something will help you overcome some difficulties during your trip. Where are the little fishes going? Draw some bread to attract them! Where is the turtle? Can you find it?

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