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  1. Confirmed Cob is sidearms as cornboy disguised???

  2. Playing with other YouTuber I see, I like it

  3. I was just thinking i really wish they'd do another drawing video..
    Speedy reads minds
    Pass it on

  4. How did you pass up on drawing grave digger

  5. When the actual biggest island in the world is Greenland

  6. Ayy lmao I made dat <3 Thanks for playing!

  7. I would love to see this with some stream viewers <3

  8. I learned today that D4 is the dumbest human being on flat earth.

  9. I love these silly drawing vids, also @kyrspeedy flamingos do fly

  10. Greenland is the largest island in the world, btw by the way

  11. I'm pretty sure D4 got confused and drew Tasmania

  12. D4's priest drawing.. you gotta admit its true 😂

  13. “Something cologne”
    —confirmed sidearms spells cologne as colon….

  14. d4: austraila is the biggest island in the world.

    greenland: am i a joke to you?

  15. 9:50 my mans drew Australia and forgot the most important island at the bottom sad

  16. D4: “it’s the biggest island in the world” smh my head

  17. This site is a good alternative since skribbl is filled with bots nowadays.

  18. Have you got any cosmic sky episodes coming out

  19. The Crew is cancelled after those drawings

  20. YO COB AND YUMI WITH SPEEDY?? It’s a dream come true

  21. i love u speedster, been watching since 500k 💜

  22. The biggest island in the world is Greenland…. Kappa.

  23. green land is the biggest island in the world lmao

  24. This is called trends 2019, it's pretty good right
    I came across a lot of information about it
    Fan GamesBX

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