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“Blankers! Come Out And Plaaay!” (Drawing Games #2)

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I get back into some good ole fashioned ‘Pictionary-Drawing-Game’ shenanigans! Enjoy! ;D

This is part 2, watch part 1 here –


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  1. Donkey- "Say something silly, like, 'im wearing ladies underwear" Pinochio- "Im uhh.. wearing ladies underwear…" dramatic music Shrek "are you?" Pinochio- "I most ceartainly am not!" nose grows Donkey-" Looks like you ceartainly am are."

  2. I once pulled my groin and it feelt so good that i pulled it again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. That Pinocchio impression was the best. I instantly knew who it was after that.


  5. yeah this one too the others are still quiet.

  6. Imagine if they get Boku no Pico as a word to draw XD

  7. Agree with the choir, please raise the volume of your friends.

  8. Sound is much better! Also: MIND THE GAP

  9. God, I'm so glad Max and Adam are collabing again- The two of them together are one of the funniest duos I've heard in a while!

  10. "Draw notning but vagina's now!" Goddamnit Max xD

  11. Who remembers the good old gassymexican art shows … GASSY BRING THEM BACK!!!!! 💜💜💜

  12. i think max looks so MUCH HOTTER with his bangs down

  13. first of all GINGERBREAD MAN SAID ITS A THONG and than pinocchio said no their briefs

  14. When describing prohibited, gassy sounds like jemaine clement in albi the racist dragon

  15. When I heard "Blankers, come out and plaaaay-ay" all I pictured was Luther in that car, and his voice getting higher and higher, repeating himself each time. Flawless.

  16. They cannot make up excuses. I immediately knew he was talking about Pinocchio before he did the voice LOL

  17. I know its not in this video but "ITS NOT FAIR, ITS DISTRACTING!!"

  18. Really, Max? You started typing pistachio before changing it to Pinocchio? XD lmao And when Adam had buckling, at fist I thought hulahoop… Except that's not a word and it was wrong (it's hula hoop, two words)…

  19. is it bad I've been told to not be like uncle Tommy….. I do have an uncle named Tommy…

  20. here are some inspirational words of games a game is like a human a baby is in alpha a 5-19 is beta and adult and senor is final copy

  21. max I saw you hurt in the hospital are you ok

  22. Max you need to make everyone abit more louder..

  23. We hope you feel better Gassy!! Hope the recovery s going well!

  24. If I get Ryan Renolds try to sell me an internet provider that I am already with ONE MORE TIME!!!

  25. max are u still dating renee or did i miss something?

  26. He's still uploading? Wow

  27. If y'all don't keep up with Max on social media & are wondering where he is – just gonna drop by and say that he got into a minor accident and broke a bone or two & was in the hospital! Y'all can find more info on his social media (esp. Instagram) but he said he's fine & he'll be back soon!

  28. PINTURILLO. why does it say that if you look at the screen at a certain angle

  29. Gassy sounds like he's putting his face to sleep

  30. WARRIORS. COME OUT AND PLAAAAAYYYYYY. (Best movie scene ever!!)

  31. For those who are wondering where he is: he broke his collar bone.

  32. Hey Max, if you are seeing this, let me say – you're awesome….
    …and have you heard of a game called Danganronpa? I hope you have a chance to see this game because it's pretty good 😀

  33. can someone tell if renay and gassy are u thing I just got internet back plz

  34. Does anybody else agree that he should upload the whole "Best Taiwan Driver" thing from his 8 hour stream a couple weeks ago???

  35. can you please play more alien vs predator with diction and nanners?..miss it

  36. "no more penises from hence hither forth" but…but I like those…

  37. his name is gassy Mexican.. he sounds like the narrator for the Stanley parable.

  38. the mouse looks like a twinkie with a face

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