Blindfolded Drawing Game (w/ Meghan McCarthy) | Baby Ariel -

Blindfolded Drawing Game (w/ Meghan McCarthy) | Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel
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Hope you enjoyed!!!

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Love you!


  1. I hate her voice, I thought she was doing tht on purpose

  2. I have the same birthday as you guys

  3. I think I have the same birthday as you

  4. When Meg drawed the hot air ballon when I read it I through it said hot air bathroom 😝

  5. baby Ariel won she had 4 points and Meghan McCarthy had 3 points I really wanted Meghan McCarthy to win though who's whith me.

  6. Mans tic add stop talking about her voice it's beatific

  7. Two of my favorite people together in a video YAYAYAYYAYAYA

  8. I know Meghan has a lot of haters for her voice but it's so Damn cute..

  9. I love both of then so much, I was choked a bit when I saw thi💞

  10. My parents got divorced for 5 years and I don't really get to see my mommy

  11. why would you say chukie but head but i still live your vids

  12. I saw one of her vidoes and her stupid teachers kept being mean to Meghan because of her voice her voice is adorable!

  13. They draw better than me than me………….,…………….blindfolded

  14. I did the blindfolded drawing challenge it didn’t turn out well

  15. In this video Ariel looks tired like if true

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