BOB WOULD BE PROUD! : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments) -

BOB WOULD BE PROUD! : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments)

Mr. Fruit
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Watch as Mr. Fruit and friends attempt to draw the word they’re given in hopes that others will be able to guess what they drew based on the information given. It’s silly, we’re terrible artists, and it’s super fun.

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‘Chiptune Does Dubstep’ by Teknoaxe

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BOB WOULD BE PROUD! : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments)


  1. This made me laugh so hard I have abs of steel…
    I'm also dying on the inside…
    Happy… but dying…

  2. Mr fruit you killed blues imaginary boner you murderer😂🍋

  3. That's no moon!….

    It's a badly drawn circle..

  4. Honestly my favorite dream team episode

  5. What game is this and is he playing on ps4?

  6. I pissed myself when blue kept on drawing those giant lines

  7. Fruit's face at the end when Rhabby described the state of a particular part of his anatomy… I cracked up.

  8. Why do I feel like RHABBY is like faze banks

  9. I laughed so hard I can't even explain. I have No Time To Explain.

  10. Rhabby didn't get the date one because hes never been on one. SKRUB!!!!!!!

  11. Draws a little girl going to a grave then drops the mic XD I'm "dying" with laughter

  12. make more vids with the dream team! but with different games. too many destiny 😣. but love your series

  13. 6:36 I think the male stick figure likes the female one a bit TOO much.

  14. when he drew the centaurs feet i thought it was an elephant

  15. This was one of the funniest episodes ever 😂

  16. I’m assuming Blue is left handed, so he has his mouse in his left hand. That’s why his pencil kept flying away.

  17. Gives out one word. HAWK.
    Blue: Oh I know this one… Types……….
    Blue: Done.
    Shows a picture with a very detailed hawkmoon…
    Rob: Oh ummmmmmmmmmmmm. No No NO NOOO (Has PTSD)
    Memories: If I lose this match I will dismantle my Hawkmoon. Ohh…
    Rob: Ded

  18. Why Fruit didn't draw a straight forward triangle in the last one is beyond me..

  19. I almost laughed to death I laughed to the point of choking

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