BOB WOULD BE PROUD! : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments) -

BOB WOULD BE PROUD! : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments)

Mr. Fruit
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Watch as Mr. Fruit and friends attempt to draw the word they’re given in hopes that others will be able to guess what they drew based on the information given. It’s silly, we’re terrible artists, and it’s super fun.

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‘Chiptune Does Dubstep’ by Teknoaxe

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BOB WOULD BE PROUD! : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments)


  1. What kind of headphones is Mr. Fruit wearing today on cam ? Model #?

    Also, Keep up the great work Fruit, I was trying to find a Destiny video to help me through the game and stumbled upon you and have been a fan ever since. Thanks for all the great laughs !

  2. Oh my god! As soon as I read the title I new we are in for a mess

  3. it's 3 in the morning and I can't stop laughing from this video. make more of these Mr.Fruit!

  4. Blue and rhabby always find something to shout at each other about and I love it

  5. I died laughing when blue was drawing then yelled OMG and drew long straight lines

  6. I was laughing so hard when blues pen kept flying off the page

  7. Fruit draws two three-dimensional objects instead of a 2-D. Classic Mr. Fruit

  8. Mr fruit! I have a challenge for ya! Go into the crucible with tlw, without aiming down sights you have to get 3 precision kills.

  9. hey mr. fruit or Christian good job on the vids and its 2016 now and i know you can get 1 mill subs by the way i met your channel on your destiny gernades 101 look at that video if you dont remember 🙂

  10. more of this and the long dark with facecam plis boss

  11. Look at 4:20 the time is 96 which if you reverse is 69 illuminati confirmed

  12. We want to see Blue and Rhabby! Am I right people??

  13. "You killing my boner right now, it was never there to begin with." i died.

  14. "they're fencing each other" lol FENCERS UNITE!!! anyone…? hello….?

  15. Fruit, you should play minecraft (dream team or solo) and play survival games! It would be funny for you to play!


  17. Rhabby couldn't spell 'dimensional'! AHAHAHA HA HA! I can't! PFFFFFTTTT!

    Oh man, that just made my day. Although, honestly it was most likely him just panicking under time pressure. I probably would have done the same thing.

  18. Blue's screams of terror at having a stroke were the best.

  19. They have really good Drawing Skills 😂

  20. o this is awesome… its the bomb squad again lol

  21. This was great. I think I burst a blood vessel trying to stifle laughter at work.

  22. Mr. Fruit that's 3 dimensional you're drawing that's not 2 dimensional

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