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C++ Qt Game Tutorial 1 – Drawing the Player (rectangle)

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Announcement: Hey guys, just a quick announcement. Since creating these videos, I’ve built my own game engine on top of the Qt frame work. The engine makes creating games using Qt much easier. I have tutorials on how to use the engine here:

End of announcement

We begin our journey of making games with C++ and Qt by gently introducing 3 fundamental Qt classes that you will use in every single one of your games. Specifically, we introduce QGraphicsScene, QGraphicsItem (QGraphicsRectItem to be specific) and QGraphicsView.

Get the code for this tutorial at:

If you need to learn C++ first, I recommend LearningLad’s tutorial series:

If you need to learn the fundamentals of Qt first, I recommend VoidRealms’s tutorial series:


  1. 8 years and no one has topped this tutorial lol thanks bro

  2. Is it possible to put the graphics scene that you created on a Qt GUI?

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