Can An Artist Win A Speed Drawing Game? -

Can An Artist Win A Speed Drawing Game?

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Let’s play draw climber mobile game! In this art game, you have to draw shapes to get past obstacle courses. Are some shapes better than others? This is a relaxing mobile game but also frustrating because of all the ads.

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Videos Mentioned in This Episode:
-I Can Paint

-Crossy road

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– MSI Old laptop
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  1. You could draw butterfly
    My question tho why it called butter fly or but- erfly 🧈 🪰 or boo-tay erfly

  2. Some days ago I asked for you to play a game

  3. I just heard of this game right now looks fun

  4. Tiny Trash Panda enters room at 5am Mumma watch Jackie's new video it will make you better from the Flu because the new game it's only a half a dumpster fire 🔥

  5. Jackie you should definitely play my mini mart it’s fun but stressful 😂

  6. Thank you so much Jackie for everything and just making my day I'm so happy I found this channel its 4 years of watching you and I will always watch you thank you for being a comfort and such a nice and caring human being genuinely talk you. You have saved my life many times and helped me durring the worst parts of my life truly thank you. 💗

  7. Can you do cluster duck again

  8. You should try fairy rush: genetic fusion

  9. I’ve seen the ad for this app, but never played it! Only you could make this funny and entertaining Jackie. 🤣

  10. I'm in a woodworking studio filled with sassy macho boys laughing their asses off to this vid 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Jackie im so excited to see you play this game. Im so excited thank you for doimg so much for us. Im Trash Panda 4 Life

  12. Also the hair game where you collect hair and see how much length we have your gonna love it

  13. I saw the can paint one and didn't get it till you said it either 🤣🤣🤣

  14. This is why I sometimes ended up looking for mods hahaha

  15. Here is a tip if you have a game that doesn't need internet you can turn it off and hopefully they will be no ads oh yeah and hi 🙂

  16. jackie you should play Roblox its the best game ever (plus no adds!!!!!)you will fall in love!

  17. For this game you can use airplane mode and have no adds

  18. I love ur gaming channel sooo MUCH ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Jackie rage : 😡🤘
    Me raging with her : 😝🤘

  20. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂yer free games are coverd in adds some are better than others but strate out are scams

  21. You should play magic tiles 3 it awesome

  22. I feel ya Jackie! Ads just break-a peoples hearts and make them cry 😔

  23. 🦝✨They’re is this game called text or die I want you to try it out on the ad it looked cool to me 🦝✨

  24. I have played it before but I deleted it for more storage

  25. love your reaction to all the ads you got to stop watching all the ads phones are cursed these days

  26. Just before watching this video I downloaded this game

  27. I have a suggestion, you should try a game called “ Draw it” it’s so fun and good and addicting and it REALLY lets you draw freely! Plz try it.

  28. Jackie were did you get that raccoon in a trash bin from i need to know

  29. hmm it was fun when i was playing it.

  30. Crosby road is the best I have had it for 8 years

  31. No but I plan that game when it was a biscall

  32. You are so funny 🤣 😆 😂 😄 I hate aaaaaaaaaaads

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