Communication Games - Drawing #22 -

Communication Games – Drawing #22

Team Building Games
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Are you looking for helpful communication games? Try this one! During this exercise, the participants will train their communication skills. Communication is all about visualizing what someone else is telling you. The exercise will teach them how to improve their communication and facilitate better, more efficient interactions. ✍️🙏
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Do you like this exercise? Let’s give these variations a try:

1.   If the participants get really good at the exercise, you can play another round and make it more difficult for them. Instead of doing the exercise in pairs of two, you can also add a third person: person C. Person A makes a drawing and whispers the description into person C’s ear without person B hearing it. Now, person C describes to person B the instructions he just heard; person B tries to draw the most accurate copy as possible.

2.   You can do the exercise with the whole group. One person describes his drawing, without showing it, to the rest of the group. Everyone tries to copy the drawing as precisely as possible. The person who makes the best copy wins.

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  1. Our teacher set us this for our homeschooling and it was really good and i'm happy she set us this! It really helped me out!

  2. How the different was the last message from the first message?

  3. Colourful channel کانال رنگین says:

    It looks very good exercise. I am going to try it with my my kid. It can be helpful.

  4. I have an assignment on the topic "Communication" So I don't have any idea which short and clear icebreaker would be best for the attention of audience and also would be related to my topic. Can you give me any idea of that clearly?

  5. How to make any activity game with students in spliting them into two team in this title ( first impressions in job interview) ?

  6. another variation can be inspired by the game Taboo. taking the example of the circle-triangle-square image, the game can be done without saying the words: circle,triangle and square, as well as the example of the light bulb. in this case the word circle and cylinder are forbidden

  7. This looks pretty fun and challenging, but I just couldn’t help my self from laughing when he said lightbulb at 1:25 😂

  8. Thank youuu ❤️ this is very useful for our report about Communication, Speech, and Language.

  9. Tia Turnbull page #2 Keep It 100 Turnbull says:

    I have used this by giving all the pairs the same simple drawing like a simple sailboat and a sun or a simple house with a door and window etc. Then the instruction is you can only give direction, not shapes. For example start at the top of the page and draw a line down to the middle or go east, north, west or south, go in a curve to the right etc….
    This is for them to see how when giving directions we have no idea if the other person is visualizing what we are saying, even if they say " I got it".

  10. many thanks for posting this! very well explained and helpful! my team is grateful

  11. Thank you. This is such agood exercise! 🙂

  12. Hey mark, please suggest me activities relation to "feeling the fear and doing it anyway" or "overcome your fear", will be waiting

  13. hey can u help me out with this

    Design Exercises and games on applying 7Cs of Effective communication.

    this is the question

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