Delve: A Solo Map-Drawing Game -

Delve: A Solo Map-Drawing Game

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Today we’re going to be trying out a neat like pen and paper game called Delve wherein we take command of a dwarven citadel and illustrate it’s progress through the stone.
If you enjoyed this, here’s a playlist of Delve videos done by Dwarfcomic:
Special thanks to Anna Blackwell for making Delve- Go check it out:
Illustrations colored by Mrs K
Music composed by Tarasoa:
Additional writing by Meliscarea
Thanks to Randomfantasynamegenerators:
Thanks to all my Patreons who make this stuff possible:
and a special thanks to you, my bearded bastid’.


  1. Did you post your food generator anywhere? Seems like it would be interesting for other fantasy games.

  2. Okay, I know this my third comment on this video, but I want to ask: could you share the full food generator you made just in case we don't roll meat when we're using it?

  3. We all love you Krugg
    We’re all routing for you
    Thank you for you hard work

  4. Have you tried Stellaris? I think the detail, events, RNG, RP, and empire customization would be really up your alley. I can't imagine a better content creator to add a fun twist to the YouTube Stellaris scene!

  5. Basically playing DnD by yourself, awesome!

  6. Can’t wait to see what new stories we can get out of this game!

  7. I just bought the game and tried it out. My fortress was destroyed by the Lick King and his legion of skeletons!

  8. You're describing won tons with red sauce. 1000% delicious.

  9. Socialist dwarven country… What a sight to see

  10. Superb storytelling and amazing how much work and creativity you put into this.

  11. "Our greatest advantage is our clean water, our biggest challenge is our dirty air." Certainly a great opportunity to get creative.

  12. I have the SciFi version of this type of game! Lots of fun for someone that enjoys time alone.

  13. I think Delve is almost a perfect platform for your art of skill and storytelling. Definately do many more of these.

  14. This was fun, nice change of pace from Dwarf Fortress

  15. You should play ironsworn! It's a solo rpg I've had some fun with.

  16. Are you looking for any more artists
    I'm watching some of your stuff and I'm really digging it

  17. I can't say as I cared much for that setup, sounds like problems we might see in the new amazon lord of the rings adaptation…

  18. I really enjoyed this! I hope you do another round!

  19. One of my favorites is dude, Bigfoot stole my car with my friends present in the trunk…. or something like that. They have a recent sequel, oh no mothman won't move out he said it would only be for the weekend. Both tons of giggles.

  20. This game looks pretty cool. But you'll never see a game get more praise in this decade than when it says "make up what you want". As if telling people they're allowed to be creative is somehow an accomplishment, rather than a self-distancing from their own creation.

  21. Such a beautiful video! I loved pictures of the dwarf with a ladder next to a giant turkey. 😊

  22. I like flipping a coin to decide whether to round up or down, but keep doing that to decide every rounding, it adds a little more luck which is fun.
    PS However, surely HEADS should be rounding UP and TAILS rounding DOWN, no?

  23. Fantastic episode – I know it proved too time intensive to continue in the end, but I bought the game immediately. If there's some way to make it more feasible for videos I would be a happy camper (tunneler?) indeed!

  24. Hey, I didn't have much time to watch YouTube videos lately, and I never clicked on this one 'cause I figured it wasn't DF, but I finally did and it was really fun. Gonna watch the second now, but already hoping for more like these!

  25. Thank you for the video! Me and my little sister have a good time listening to your stories. Your art is adorable 😺

  26. Nice! Have you ever heard of "How to Host A Dungeon"? It has a first and a second edition, and is pretty similar. Dwarf Fortress was even an inspiration for it!

  27. Very very cool new series (?), thank you for doing a crazy amount of work drawing everything up, it really is beautiful!
    I imagine the quality of this series to even improve over time, since every time you draw something, you can add it to a collection of assets and with time the fortresses will have slightly different wall tiling and everything. So many possibilities, too, I feel this is right up your alley!

    I like that you used your own table. Don't worry about getting rekt early and not knowing about the 5-soldier-start rule (I read that from another comment), it might actually be a blessing in disguise. This way the video is short and not mechanically overwhelming. It also goes to show that you can do whatever, rules are just there to guide you into your own playstyle, and you did that, which I thought was awesome. I feel this video was perfect for the first entry into a Delve series.

    I also like the coin flip for heroic death, I would love to see stuff like that at every opportunity. Not sure if I need to see the coin flip every time (I dont see you rolling d6 either), I do like the card draw though! You might also want to think about getting a background for your hand-shots that you can chroma-key for some nice stone textures you drew or something.

    If you are not sure on what direction to take with the games on your channel, I think doing some more Delve episodes before switching to other games is the best choice here. It lets people see that this is something you enjoy and it's here to stay. Let us settle in (might actually take people some time to come around actually trying out this new series – I know it took me 2 months…) then change games when you feel like things are getting stale, again. This can take a while, since I feel like you will add a lot of your own flavor and think about new stuff while playing.

    The most important thing is that show us enjoying what you do. It really has come a long way, not just the production of the drawings, and I love the wholesomeness of the channel and this community and you, Krugg.

    Thanks again for doing all this. I love it!

  28. Thanks you for this, it was very enjoyable.

  29. Now I want this game and make a new world from it that learns from previous civilizations.

  30. Would love to see more solo role playing games so cool

  31. I loved the video and would be excited to see more Delve playthroughs.

    Your channel is a hidden gem.

    I've been trying to get myself to sit down and complete a game of Delve but I'm a bit too easy distracted so far.

    I'd be interested in getting some flavor tables for the resource cards – finding a vein of precious metals or cave sized geode.

  32. WoW Krugg you are Great Artist 😮… I cant even imagine how much time it takes to draw your beautiful drawings for each episode. People like you make me happy 😊… ❤❤

  33. Void means empty, perhaps the void crystal could suck up the air around it, taking the pollution with it.

  34. This looks really fun. I watched both episodes and I really like what you do with it. Will you make more episodes?

    Truth be told I think any game you play lately is just amazing, you have the perfect voice for this.

  35. Immediately bought the bundle of umbra, delve and rise really cool ideas

  36. I'm back after three years. Why the gloves?
    Your art has really improved

  37. krugg, you've really upped the ante. Awesome

  38. Thanks for the shout out! 100% agree using generators adds a great layer to this game. Gonna be steal'n that! 🙂

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