Delve - (Dwarven Fortress Map Drawing Game) -

Delve – (Dwarven Fortress Map Drawing Game)

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DELVE: A Solo Map Drawing Game is a map drawing game that puts you in control of a dwarven hold as you discover the horrors that lurk below.

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  1. Thanks so much for showing me DungeonDraft! I was wondering how I could "electrify" the map making process. I can still see myself having a lot of fun with pencil and paper, but it's great to have the option to come back later and "render" a completed map here for the record.Great work, keep it up!

  2. I think in that last fight your last warrior was 5+15 = 20+50% (OR 5+50% + 15) str. the demon would kill first taking out the lowers, but the last would survive. The question is… does your kitchen apply AFTER the artifact… or simply and this is more likely at +50% the base units strength (so 5+2.5+15 = 22.5 str… but its just that last guy…) then the rules say that the monster will always take out a unit it can before it hits a larger unit it can't.Still super fun! Thanks for the playthrough!

  3. Huh. It's pretty neat how the story sort of writes itself. I mean, the dwarves break into a giant spider's underground lair, but manage to charm her with a magic spell. Driven deeper past her webs by greed, they accidentally crack open the vault of a demon portal that now threatens to consume the world (or at least the dwarves) if not nullified in time. It's almost like the spider was deliberately placed there as a kind of guardian to ensure anyone who came through would be driven off – or at least powerful enough to handle a wave of demons as they prepared to destroy the portal. The dwarves pulled out every dungeon-master's greatest fear and joy – a short-cut that trivializes a boss fight.

  4. That software sure made it easy to make a pretty dorfhold.

  5. The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum… shadow and flame.

  6. love the dad jokes man, especially the peace and quiet one

  7. I love delve, glad its starting to get some exposure.

  8. I used to draw pictures like this in school, little underground caves with ladders and little people, like an ant colony.

  9. I love watching your content while doing my creativity time. Calming:)

  10. I guess I don't quite understand how this game works. Can anyone explain it like, short version? I have to be missing something. Lo,l

  11. Wait.. did u just say you will let Google shuffle the cards for u… How's that possible

  12. Wow. I kickstarted this and got my physical copy a while ago. Great to see this getting some love from content creators

  13. Nook: "You don't need stone doors all the time…"
    Me: That's Elf-talk boy…

  14. I always go all the way to the bottom when I come across a big shaft. Sorry, had to.

  15. Wait a second… you can't ladder underneath the waterlevel of a flooded room…

  16. I'm a huge fan of solo rpgs and such, and I can't describe my excitement seeing Krugg and Nook both playing Delve!

  17. Anyone else notice the age of empires music in the background

  18. Thanks for this. Ingenious use of Dungeondraft!

  19. I must say I don't understand this at all. I come from a background that only plays RPGs on a computer. I understand table RPGs, but a computer game where you have to use a dice to generate numbers just makes no sense to me.

  20. 35:50 pretty sure the entire lower section of the volcanicshaft should be flooded

  21. Another case where Age of Empires music fits ANYWHERE in ANY GENRE!

  22. I love seeing more videos of this game.

    The best part? Even though you messed up some rules, the game itself basically says to go with what makes the best story for you.

    So congrats. You did it 100% correctly! 😀

  23. I discovered it from Kruggsmash too! Such a good game, glad to see you play it and on top of the AoE2 soundtrack to boot!

  24. Lame the time spent on this more DMs could have made some sick maps instead of wasting away on this game

  25. I absolutely love Anna Blackwell's stuff! I hope you try the space station one soon! Umbra, I think it is.

  26. Was riveted from start to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. So glad you were inspired by the great Bearded Bastard, Krugg! Love seeing these Delve videos! :3

  28. You are playin it wrong… you gain resources by each turn you dig relative by the card you draw…

  29. Really but really cool game! I enjoy the "You are the Hero" book taste of this 😀

  30. Am I going to be the only one that points out the first cave he discovers is an orgy den 🤣

  31. Remember, Losing is Fun and digging deep enough always leads to Fun. Or, at least, Dwarf Fortress has taught me so.

  32. I love these little indie pen and paper games. It would be great to see a rundown of all of them.

  33. So uhh.. Where do we get this game? Or is it not out yet?

  34. XD just finished watching kruggs' second delve… need more XD

  35. from watching you, I can see why Krugg takes so long to make these episodes….

    so long that ppl think he quit youtube or something XD
    shame tho… would love to see more of these 🙁

  36. Every example I recall in the book had rounding your favor
    I think your units hp are restored after combat, they return to their "room"

    Every time I reread the rule book I come across rules I didn't realize were rules… Water always vexxed me. I like how you did your water falls. having it pool at the bottom. done.

    Questions I still have not found adequate answers yet…
    ?-What is the starting maximum storage for resources/trade goods (I assume 50. there are buildings to increase storage by +50… if it is stated I didn't find it.) THUS Do I need to make stairs down into an unexplored area to make it pathable? I am leaning towards yes since stairs/Ladders are not built automatically, they take a build action, although free. SOOO then I concluded exploring down not create a path-able tunnel up??? unless stairs/ladders are added.
    ?-Can I make use of rooms that are not currently pathable (but undamaged, for example in a dungeon section cut off off due to a flood)
    ?-Can I explore from a location that is not currently pathable… the rules seem to intone yes.
    ?-If I lose pathing to room with units (prison, barracks, etc.) do they become rogue, or does combat in that pathable area trigger that?
    ?-Can a passage down still count as fall damage through sections with stairs/ladders when a drawbridge opens?
    ?-when a drawbridge is damaged is it passable? ( I presumed yes assuming it was pathable to begin with, not over water for regular (non-golem) units)
    ?-Does falling water kill units (I always played it as such and flooded the entire vertical shaft… but I think the kill is fine and the pool at the bottom.)
    ?-Do gunners and soldiers mix in troops, they certainly don't mix in barracks… but not sure about troops…

    Other things I found interesting in the rules:
    You don't have to actually open a space up to explore… but you have to pick a space to explore in case it opens up 'on its own'. So when things were really rough I had closed off my main fort and left a couple spots on level one to farm resources to restore… I mean its basically a 2/3 chance (since you can ignore the spades on level 1.) sometimes that worked…

    Prisons are way powerful, but I have lost games due to strong prisons and weak entrance forces.

    Putting huge barricades on rooms that host monsters deep in the dungeon is a nice way to prevent them from getting overtaken over when your dug out areas get overrun.

    Only having one trap or barricade per room is vexxing design-wise! Keeping rooms pathable is much an art as it is science…

    Building one thing room OR ladder/stair per turn always got me. I kept forgetting and building in rooms I had no viable path to yet.

    I really tried to not get too hung up on the rules questions and did really enjoy and still enjoy this game.

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