Dop 4 : draw one part game ad #3 by Saygames -

Dop 4 : draw one part game ad #3 by Saygames

Crazy Frog Games 🐸
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  1. Bro looks like a +18 scene💀💀

  2. Why i always saw this ads and i need to download them to let them go away but i didn't download them because i don't see these ads now good

  3. Oh $h!t i need to call the Susy case handler

  4. I just saw this ad on brain wash game and I need a ocean of bleach

  5. Pencipta permainan lainnya soalnya kalau ada caranya kalau ada

  6. Everyone out there: ewwwww this is cringe 😬

    Me: 911 please come and save me

  7. Imagine going to he past and showing the monkes what they will evolve into, you go back to present and you made a time paradox on where everyone has sue-cide

  8. people from the equator/hot countries, standing there with 2763 layers of thick clothing:

  9. Woman pooping with toilet paper…

  10. OMG, What the frick is that????

  11. Bro I swear the people who make these ads have one hand on the keyboard and one hand in their pants.

  12. I wish they can change these ads like kids have devices too
    Like I’m a kid and I’m tired of seeing this ad pop up on my phone it does not pop up on my tv though but if it did I’ll be so mad and embarrassed I just want them to change the ad 😕😭

  13. 😍🥰🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I feel ashamed

  14. First I was like”oh yeah just helping her warm up” but then it got hot

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