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DRAW MY THING but we kick each other from the game (Sidemen Gaming)

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  1. Don't be sad ethan it's just something you'll never get 7:00

  2. So we gonna forget the happy birthday video for vikk this year

  3. I'm rewatching this wondering if jj uses touch typing or tries to find every single letter on the keyboard.

  4. Viola isn't a small violin wtf, the strings are just deeper

  5. 0:39
    Vikk should have chosen Robbie rotten and draw (#1) to pay respect to the legend

  6. If they do this again make sure to get click bait words before you start

  7. Why was Simon and jj together in the thumbnail👀👀

  8. vikk shouldn't have drawn anything for chameleon and just say that they can't see it

  9. make a song called light – lighter by KSI x Nathan Dawe

  10. Who’s here on the 25th of February

  11. It’s clear; the sideman are not good at drawing and cutting hair 😂

  12. Police department 👮‍♂️
    We care about ur safety 👍

  13. hope you all have a nice week, wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you and died for you. you might think of this as annoying and you’ve seen it a lot, but it’s more than that. those who share this are happy with Christ and believe in eternal life and happiness. they want you to be a part of that too, and so do i. you can have your own opinion and i respect it and you can ignore this and that’s fine. stay safe. i believe in you. in whatever you want to do. God has not left you, and never will. again, Jesus Christ loves you so much. He is willing to heal you and anyone else no matter what they’ve done. He has died for us and proved that He is the Christ, Savior, and Protector. God heals us, even though we are wicked. think about that. may we not be ashamed to share His word, He was not ashamed of us.

  14. The best part is Simon can hear them all laughing and reacting after he was kicked 🤣

  15. Tobis compass drawing didn't age very well. From the east to the west. 😉

  16. Jj's the only musician who didn't know any of the instruments

  17. 16:10 LACROSSE don’t know if he’s f*cking around but that is some thing I would guess I relate and be made fun of T-T T-T T-T T-T

  18. from the north to the south to the east to the west

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