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Draw My Thing (Online Drawing Game): Sexy Pinocchio!

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Sorry this is late, been moving home and hope you understand and enjoy my sexy drawing skills……not really!

Thanks for being patient!

The uploads are now going to be more often and aiming for 5 per week 😀

If you enjoy leave a LIKE and COMMENT down below about the video and I’ll try reply to as many as possible!

Stay Awesome!

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Friends in the Video



  1. Wow I'm 12 and even I know the Warriors movie is lol

  2. it took a long time to get this video out

  3. sad thing is that i played the game and watched the movie yet im 16. i can assume the other dude is prob 18-20 so yeah lol. btw the movie is just them running and fight one group

  4. thing is, im younger than mini and yet, i know what movie that's from. i don't remember the title but i do know the movie haha

  5. im 19 and i still know what movie yall were talking bout….poor miniladd

  6. That thumbnail makes me want to kill myself

  7. dat awkward moment when autocorrect corrects you and accidentally search for "terrorist" instead of Terroriser and the FBI turn up at your door…

    yeah, just- it's a horrible joke. Just move on you're wasting your time.

  8. Those impersonations are what make Terroriser my favorite.

    It's a THONG!!!

  9. every two days, a youtuber either moves out, or home., :p

  10. I find seananners racist and offensive to all highlander people because I'm related to highlander people

  11. The movie they were talking about they made a video as kid doing that to the Warriors

  12. Loving the mushroom commando commercial terrorizer!

  13. I love how Nanners tried to give away trap with dubstep.

  14. The Pinocchio impression could not be more on point XD 'ITS A THONG'

  15. You, vanoss, mini ladd and wildcat should make another cod 4 prop hunt video

  16. you make the video for what for you or for us or to be famous

  17. I'm 15 but I know the warriors skit from watching so much vine these days, Terroriser! lol

  18. How do you get the facepaint you got in your gta videos?? pls answar

  19. I bet 2 of these people never had a job interview!

  20. im 15 and I got the warriors reference instantly when I saw the bottles and the come out to play I watched it with my brother

  21. I'm 13 and know about warriors how does mini not know.

  22. your impersonation of pinocchio's 'it's a THONG!' was on point

  23. jeez mini I'm younger then you and I have seen the warriors movie

  24. make grassy say "in a world" and the fill in the rest

  25. My name is Paul and that's the character mini Ladd drew

  26. when I saw trap I thought he was going to do Gucci Mane

  27. I get that warrior song every time I tell someone my name, drives me mad lol

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