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Draw Our Gaming Memories ✍️ Our Favorite Nintendo Games w/ Li Kovacs

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Nintendo Minute is never a minute! This week, we had the talented Li Kovacs on the show to draw our gaming memories. Last time, Li drew our memories of us getting our first Nintendo systems. This time, we’re sharing our memories about our favorite Nintendo games and what it was like playing them for the first time. Li also shared her memory which as really awesome. What is your favorite Nintendo game and your memory playing it for the first time? As always, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

-Kit & Krysta

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  1. My favorite Nintendo game? Difficult decision, but I stay with The legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, that final battle is so epic.

  2. My first Nintendo game (and first game I ever played) was Mario Kart DS. So many awesome memories playing that game. It helped me become passionate about gaming, and it's one of my inspirations for my future gaming career!

  3. I love Nintendo games so much it would be hard to choose a favorite. But my favorite Nintendo franchise is definitely Mario because that’s the one I’ve spent most of the time playing.

  4. Well personally, to me it was also Breath of the Wild since it has this aura of replayability that other open-world games lack, like for example I beat Odyssey but that was it, it slowly became boring, but with Breath of the Wild, it never became, my first instance with the game is on the start, I remember that I had given up, but after a year returned

  5. @2:10
    All I could think was “she played games with Edge & Rydia..?”

  6. Love Li Kovacs smile and she makes beautiful drawings too! 🙂

  7. My favourite and most vivid gaming memory is the first time I went through Super Mario Galaxy. Maybe it's nostalgia but I'm in tears every time I play or listen to the game that defined my childhood 12 years ago.

  8. I remember when I was little, I went over to my grandmas house and she said she had a surprise for me so I followed her and it was her Nintendo 64 I grabbed the controller, not knowing how to work it, & she put Super Mario 64 in and then I learned from there, and since I learned fast, my grandma told me, turns out I don’t ned to teach you that game, and now I go back and play SM64 whenever I’m feeling bored, I mostly try to blj up the endless staircase most of the time

  9. Pathetic. My go to Nintendo game is Mario Sunshine. Remaster it already

  10. how can i participate on the nintendo minute??

  11. My favorite childhood game of all time was Earthbound

  12. My memories is snake in smash… Nice bazooka. Nice smash

  13. The game I would draw is Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3&K, and Mania

  14. Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario(64) are easily my favorite Nintendo games of all time!

  15. Nobody:
    Not a Soul On Earth:

    You: "OMIGOSH GUYS!! It's been ten years and I just found out You can advance past the title screen in Breath Of The Wild!! O o O "

    Almost Everybody: "Boi…"

  16. my favourite gaming moment was in Pokemon white 2 when I caught my first shiny Pokemon a buizel which is currently a lv 100 shiny floatzel trapped in ultra moon because it isn't I now gen eight

  17. I remember when I first got my Dsi had just wanted it so much cause all the other kids had them and I wanted to play the games so much. I had also got Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and I fell in love with Nintendo and its games. I could not imagine being the person I am today without those amazing adventures.

  18. To many white ppl reeeeeeeeeee

  19. Can you make Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Switch

  20. My favorite game has to be breath of the wild- that’s because I was about 12 when it came out and it was the first time I followed a new console release as much as I did for the switch. When it was released I remember I got it in March 4th. I remember going upstairs and turning up the tv volume. I heard Zelda say “open your eyes” and it blew my mind. I still play that game today and it has brought me to tears.

  21. The first Nintendo console is the nes clasic

  22. The first console I got I think was the Wii.. I really liked the Wii Sports Resort game and would sometimes only play on the Wii every day just to do that, I also got a 2DS after our Wii remote was damaged and the first game I played there was Mario Kart 7, and I REALLY enjoyed that game and would also be the only one who played it and I still play it, but I don't play Mario Kart 7 I actually play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which is on the nintendo switch, and on the switch I also have Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Shield, Pokken Tournament, and Splatoon 2.. But if I were to choose a favorite game, it would probably have to be Animal Crossing and I can't wait for New Horizons to come out soon!

  23. NINTENDOOOOOOOO i love your games my fowrite is a SUPER MARIO WORLD

  24. Super Mario odyssey and super Mario 64 Super Mario world and even more

  25. Sega sega do what Nintendo don’t me no way Nintendo do what sega dont

  26. When wheel Nintendo reamake Mario 64 in HD

  27. So my favorite Nintendo game is either Xenoblade Chronicles 1 or Xenoblade Chronicles X. Either way they're from the same series. When I booted up X, I was blown away by the gorgeous world, much like many were by BOTW Hyrule (both maps were made by the same people btw), and was equally wowed by the rest of the game. I got into the series, played 2, but when I finally got around to playing XC1 a few months ago, my god was I not disappointed. The story is phenomenal, the characters are charming, my only complaints are minor and are probably going to get fixed in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.

    Moral of the story, buy Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.

  28. I am only young so I don’t have many memories but I still have a memories of when I got my Nintendo switch my first game I ever played on Nintendo switch was Mario party 10 and that Christmas I got breath of the wild

  29. She played breath of the while with a single joycon?

  30. Pokemon x and super mario 64 ds and ocarina of time 3d are my most nostalgic game

  31. Nintendo definitely does a good job of occupying me during the quarantine.

  32. It all started with the snes i had mario all stars. And then i got the game boy. That had mario world. And then. I had the 3d s i had alot of games so one theat i liked was new mario bros2
    Then i had the wiiu. Then the swithc

  33. I remember when I was little, my brother had a Nintendo 3ds and I would always ask to play it and then my birthday came and then I got my own Nintendo 3ds and animal crossing new leaf and it has been my all time favourite game ever and I love it so much I would always play it ^u^

    Thank you Nintendo for all those special memories!

  34. Remember that episode when kit said he was calling a girl he had a crush on while playing Super Mario 64 6:40

  35. I like how the music in mario world is tropical

  36. 7:24 99.6%? Ha! I've been at 99.91% for almost two years now!🥲

  37. i play breath of the wild more than anyone i put 50000000000 hours in breath of the wild

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