draw to home fun games maxlevel gameplay walkthrough #shorts #drawtohome #game #vrbabycgaming #viral - pusugames.com

draw to home fun games maxlevel gameplay walkthrough #shorts #drawtohome #game #vrbabycgaming #viral

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Draw to Pee is a funny path drawing game in which you have to help a boy and a girl to get to the bathroom before they end up in an embarrassing situation. Get the boy in the blue clothes and the girl in the red clothes to the toilet without bumping into each other. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Just draw a line from each character to the toilet and see what happens.

Of course you will have to find a way to get them to their respective toilets without hitting the walls or other obstacles. After a few levels, new challenges will be added, such as more characters or creepy monsters on the way. Try to beat all the levels to finish this game without accidents. Have fun playing Draw to Pee!

Controls: Mouse

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