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In this game art tutorial with photoshop we will explore ways to make cool 2D cartoon characters !

During the video we will go through these 6 phases :
1) sketching
2) inking
3) main colors
4) shadows and light
5) color overlay
6) details

Tips on making smooth black outlines for your designs, a way on coming up with ideas on what to draw as well as making your characters pop out from your environment will be covered in the video 🙂 !







  1. Learning digital painting I’ve had questions about a lot of things like layers, colors, shading, etc. I looked for straight answers being the “follow the rules” kind of person but never got straight answers. I’ve learned to color and shade a lot like how you do and I am pleased to see the amount of depth this video goes into explaining what I wish I’ve learned long ago. Thank you for the video; like pretty much all your uploads this was very helpful!

  2. How did you put the reference photos over the white background?

  3. I love your art style! Damn i wish i could draw like that. The crispness and colour is fantastic!!. The one thing that always seems to block my progress when making a game is the graphics and art. Was hoping you could tell me.. What resolution/size is your canvas? Also what size do you make your sprites when importing in to Unity? Is there a set size/resolution you work to?? I always have trouble figuring out what size to draw them or what resolution to use. Your videos have helped me a lot and are really motivating!

  4. Whenever I import my art in Unity I can see the pixels off the lines.. Why is this?

  5. Very interesting and useful video. Keep it up!

  6. I love your videos,which teached me a lot.Keep up the good work.

  7. Is paint dot net a good alternative for gimp? I'm new to game art and stuff and don't want to download any new programs without actually knowing if I'm into drawing 😛
    Edit: Such an amazing tutorial, I've decided that I'm going to bed now and I'll check it out as soon as I'm done with school tomorrow. Thanks alot, you inspired me! 😀

  8. Me without a tablet: spends 5 hours drawing a single shitty looking child-level sketch of a character, using pencil and paper, then being left with a shit ton of rubber bits and wood shavings.
    Don't do pencils kids, stay in art school.

  9. Love it man! thanks! You did a great job with this video. The audio was great.

  10. Do you have any tutorials on how to make multiple frames for animating?

  11. hello. i'll like to know wetheir you use a graphic (drawing) tablet or not?. by the way i really like your videos

  12. You are the god of 2d cartoony art! Respect

  13. Could you also make a tutorial on drawing such characters in gimp……pls. Nice tutorial though

  14. There are 2 FREE 2D art apps I know
    1. GIMP
    I use krita because is easier to understand
    press like if thats helpfull 🙂

  15. What is your set up when drawing?

  16. If you are using a mouse or trackpad, you can take advantage of Photoshop's smoothing options(For brush and eraser tools). While my artwork is nowhere near as well as Noah's, after finding the smoothing options (I set mine to a small number like 2-4%) and particularly the 'Pull string mode', my artwork is coming along. Also, you can sample colors from your canvas, by holding down alt then clicking the color. Which I find easier than hitting the I shortcut. Scale the brush/eraser size by holding down alt, hold right-click and drag left or right. Toggle between Brush and Eraser tools by using their shortcuts: B and E. Since these shortcuts(as well as Ctrl-Z to undo) are all easy to reach with the left hand, it really makes the workflow much easier. Especially with the smoothing option enabled.

  17. can i use your drawing to make my game pls

  18. plzz give me your tablet settings i want them my tablet is always to light it too low or say me how hard I should press with the pen before it breaks in to two

  19. Trying to draw the headshape for over an hour now, looks ugly all the time

  20. How did you not paint outside the outline when coloring the chars so quickly.

  21. I often couldn't be bale to decide what do paint

  22. Hello, how should the sprite resolution (size) be for Unity?

  23. Can I take a character model and make my own character?is that illegal?

  24. your VERY inspiring not only to digital but also for drawing paper

  25. In the title it says ps, and i thought you can make a character in ps4

  26. Hello, i want to get into game art but don't want to do pixel art and don't have a table Anything i can do?

  27. I think u should do a step by step tutorial how to draw in photoshop ……

  28. Please make a more in depth tutorial on how to make game assets where you show us how to do it slowly

  29. omg like no where can I find the size of canvas to draw on…

  30. Are u using pen like wacom or huion pen tablet to draw all this ?

  31. im so new to design character. im so confused, its looks to hard.

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