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Drawing Cereza in Bayonetta | Platinum Games | Nintendo Hideki Kamiya

Maeve Althea
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So hyped for Bayonetta 3!!! Here’s Cereza in Bayonetta 2 drawing! Hope you enjoy it!

I’m so excited after playing Bayo 1 and 2! I hope you guys like it and subscribe for more time lapses!
Total work time: 8.5 hours

A YTP is at work!

[YTP] TUT 3 Turning Amogus:
[YTP] TUT 2 Turning Red:
[YTP] TUT 1 Turning Red:


Abuela: YOU HAVE TO sSS STOTS SSSss for 1 hour straight:

Wear headset for best experience and more detailed speech!

YTP Vi vo Vendetta:

YTP LuL Wants a SPA:

Luca X Alberto FNF Ugh:

RaR and The Last Drama:

YTP Anna is Deaf

YTP Elsa is Awkward and Anna is Rude

YTP Into the ANNA:

MORE YTP episodes:

YTP Sonic Loves Mushroom:
YTP Elsa Goes Into the Insanity:
YTP Maleficent 2 Malfunction:

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  1. Fantastic art! Loving the details you put on her clothes. Can't wait for your next project on Bayonetta 3! 😁

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