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We play AMONG US Themed Skribbl io!

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  1. Before sundee answered weather node nico said hit that like button right now if your lit

  2. "No they have blue pants, Pat."
    -SSundee 2021

  3. bro he stupid he asked "what is this" when he knew it was the fuel engine task

  4. Zud: clog, unclog, unclogged, oh! It’s a pLuMeR LOLOLOLOLOL

  5. When Sunday was drawing John Cena actually thought it was sigils but then when I looked up and see what the name was it said John Cena so I'm stupid

  6. have any one that god Zilla looks like a Chicken

  7. Biffle always draw chicken legs and do outside

  8. U have a mod idea it would be the drawing mod throughout the game you would be able to draw something if the mod knew what you drew it would give you it's

  9. All the childhood memories turned into only among us

  10. Make a MechaGodzilla mod ability:rocket,speed buff,grind people with below his fingers,turn into a bigger MechaGodzilla and atomic breath and throw people in the ground

  11. Before why did you make that bird look like that

  12. Before second turn the first thing I guess was Carol basken

  13. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopooooooooo

  14. Mod idea car mod in among us everyone is a car impostor abilities can go invisible jump up in the air and crush other players use a speed buff lasting 10 sec and can do a mini game # poor biffle colour switch every 5 seconds colour pops up if you don't get on it you fall winner chooses someone to die.

  15. Zud: oh it’s a plumber

    SSundee: dies out of laughing

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