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Drawing Game Prank #1 (Gartic.io)

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  1. eis que o youtube te joga em um lugar diferente

  2. i remember trolling my friends by drawing good in gartic lmao bc i'm an artist myself

  3. As a big fan of this game
    What you have done make me kind of angry
    What we are doing is try to make people understand what you are means a few seconds
    And you you didn't even erase the logo of the picture you found!
    That was totally not cool man

  4. Wait I thought the point of the game is to suck at drawing

  5. y de pronto llego el y me dijo que el mundo se esta acabando que el eje se esta inclinando que su madre ya no lo quiere que comer afuera prefiere Lo que piensa de este gobierno y sus ideas sobre el infierno El deporte ya no es honesto Lo que piensa de mi esto y de pronto llega y me dijo aqui son todos iguales que para ellla no hay ribales que el amor es otra cosa que la grasa , las adiposas en la politica hay mas ella me lo va a explicar que yoga el pilates porque no no al chocolate y yo te mira y pienso y te digo lo que siento nadie te pregunto nadie te pregunto nadie te preguntoo

  6. This ain't cheating, the AI is playing the game and it is very good at the game, AI's must have human rights too.

  7. dope : uhnnn i see nothing

    dope : im gonna report

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  9. Ele nn tá desenhando é ou um programa ou outra coisa q desenha por ele da pra ver pela simetria q tem o desenho

  10. If there was somthing like that irl our life of drawing would be a lie

  11. como um ser humano pode competir com uma maquina dessa. tmlc mano, meus desenhos no gartic sai tudo estranho

  12. i drawing a alligator:
    looks like a crooked mutant snake that came from chernobyl with feet

    you drawing a alligator:

    perfectly an alligator

  13. Hate it when someone writes the whole answer rather than use the hint button 🤧

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