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Drawing Game Prank #2 (Gartic.io)

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  1. How is that human like, he cursor is jumping


  3. Wait..
    If # makes words blue..
    Do they make emojis blue!?

    Let me try

    Oh they dont

  4. Desenha bem. Mas n segue as regras. Não pode escrever dicas no gartic!

  5. What's the name from the song at the Beginning?

  6. how do i change my pfp in gartic.io-
    im on pc btw
    (the ones that you can make it to anything)

  7. Meanwhile me, draw a car but it looks like a peanut butter

  8. Dude, I literally play this game, and my friends are in it, lmao

  9. Hate it when someone writes the whole answer😐😐

  10. I was enjoying the video..until the moment You wrote "+ player". Cuz se all know that's the real cheat

  11. Why are english speaking servers 10x worse at Gartic than Brazilians? Lol

  12. Hand: can you help me again like the last video?

    Auto: sure!

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