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Drawing games to the game not working correctly #FixFastMoves

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  1. Reliable fix: just play in North America instead Sadge

  2. I dont See problem its draw. Normalna. You think you yoused stupid dróg you must win? Pleasss go study dont waste time on game

  3. Why don't u complain when u get a free fast move in

  4. Happens all the time to me. Especially with charmers and poison jab users, even though I’m counting, timing everything. So fucking annoying. Costs me games from the extra damage

  5. I’ll be spamming my charge button for 3 seconds straight before the other and then lose 90% of the time, not exaggerating

  6. It's depends on the luck lol there's nothing to fix

  7. This shit just happened to me a sec ago..😑

  8. Bro the worst thing is talonfalame mirror :/

  9. Isn’t there a thing called fast move denial?

  10. when bugs become the most impactful game mechanics

  11. Fast move denial is trash

  12. Anyone else have games where they lead with a 3-4 turn fast move mon and your opponent gets off two fast moves before you even begin your first turn? #fixfastmoves

  13. Thats one of the worst Bugs
    Sadly there are so many that i gave them a rating

  14. No kidding. I am so fed up with pvp issues. Just lost games that made me drop my jaw and pretty much rage quit. Lag or fast moves being messed up or both or minimize app trick or whatever. The list goes on. I don't know, it's not fun now

  15. I don’t understand why ties count as losses they should either make it so that you dont lose a battle or both players get a reward not punishing both players for tying.

  16. Don't just hashtag campaign for justifiable, beneficial reversions of nerfs.
    Actually freaking boycott for once, be it monetarily or literally.

  17. alguien me lo traduce a español porfavor :v?

  18. Its really unprofessional from niantic to have this "bug" in the game for so long. It's literally since the beginning of pvp.

  19. Poison jab is fast than counter, as a jab is the fastest form and hand attack movement. No need to fix nidoqueen shes very well balanced. No need to blame it on that. More like get rid of that weather ball. Like hydro cannon its brokenness is a crutch for players who use it

  20. They have a fix but are testing to see that the fix will do as it is intended. Hopefully it does so we can get it in game ASAP!

  21. at this point its a feature and not a bug anymore 🙂

  22. When you see that in rocket battles, sneaking in a fast move doesn't register.
    We can do that way that when you sneak in, the move don't register meaning no damage and energy for that one.
    But that will make confusion and it's clones and incinerate unusable.
    Instead here's a fix:
    The move snuck in only gives energy and damage of the turns that were before using a charged move.
    For example a confusion is 4 turns.
    I throw my move at 2 turns so I take 50% damage and he gets 50% energy

  23. i’ve ran into this a lot more over the past week

  24. doesn't this even out eventually. You gain some, you lose some – sure when its in your favour may not define whether you win or lose like in this match

  25. I feel you brother , i also have a small channel , some of my good content went away because of this thing

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