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Drawing Maps for Roleplaying Games | Map Tutorial 1

Esper the Bard
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In this first video, I give an overview of drawing a regional map.
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“Virtutes Vocis” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Saw this only today and damn it really helped, subscribed

  2. First time I see this kind of adventure, seems great, both for a one-shot adventure or as part of a longer campaign. They could be even linked as part of a bigger adventure/dungeon.

  3. Pleased to have found this series, I need to create a map for a book I am writing, this could be just what I am searching for. My artistic skills are very poor.

  4. In art class, we were told that looking for your mountain/volcanic regions were a good starting point when drawing continental style. Once you'd planned and sketched a mountain range, focus on how the tectonic plates were formed, and that shows how your land mass was made.

    I personally find your tutorial much more interesting.

  5. Yes! There aren’t enough tips on Youtube for fantasy map drawing! After your video on the types of maps you can have, I’ve been itching to know how you draw the map. Many thanks for this potential series!

  6. This video was great. I have always been able to sketch up a very crude map to show a basic idea of where things are in relation to one another if my players ask, emphasis on, "very crude." I am far from an artist, so making things like a map always seemed intimidating to me. This whole series you released has been such a help for myself and another local DM I directed to your channel. My map quality is still not up to the quality level you displayed here, but you gave me such a good push in the right direction to enhancing the game for both myself and my players.

  7. What sort of pen are you using? What sort of pens would you recomend for drawing encounter maps? Great vid☺️☺️❤️

  8. Great video! I would love to see you do some more map guides or something, because you are great!

  9. 0:36 "Here's what the final map is going to look like…so….BUCKLE UP!" 😀

  10. I am making a PC game and I like hand drawn graphics scanned in and color in a Photoshop like program. Thanks for your tips and techniques.I I were to use your techniques in my video game, do I have to give you credit?

  11. Sir esper how would one draw a floating island

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