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Drawing Pokemon Based On Their Skulls – Pokemon Bone Game

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In this video I create new Pokemon from the skulls of existing Pokemon
Vergolophus –

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0:00​ Intro
1:28 – Skull 1
8:04 – Skull 2
14:36 – Skull 3

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  1. Name the last one u did mambuear which is a name that has mammoth, boar, and bear

  2. For the third one, I felt like tusks were the obvious choice… but I also sort of hoped there was a chance it was Durant or something else like that! Keeping things interesting. Love this, hope it (or other similar concepts) become a series. Also her bonus fourth one made me cackle

  3. the rotom joke at the end was very good actually lmao

  4. This was a great idea! I'd love to see you challenge eachother with different skulls! Or even draw a bunch of the bones all scattered and try to rebuild the entire body and move the bones around before starting!

  5. The artist is great, very passionate about her work and very confident on the mic

  6. I thought the primarina skull was a fennekin as well but I did get rayquaza and piloswine right!
    I recognize those piloswine tusks anywhere

    (I made the bone game as a sugestion for the drawfee video)

  8. there are no ear holes with the fennecen skull

  9. I Didn't expect my fav poke artist to show up omg 😭

  10. I cant get over the fact that after skull 1 he jusy said – i even added the balls – i need help 😂

  11. Skull 1 Dex entry: Skull 1 live in small groups called clans. The clans have a linked intelligence that, when provoked, can materialize an enormous psychic spear.

    Edit: Gummy worm primal zygarde confirmed

  12. Before I see it I think the last one is Piloswine.

  13. The First one has a but on its head and I mean the skull.

  14. I can tell Truegreen7 started watching Drawfee recently lol

  15. 11:08 snakes don't unhinge there jaws the lower jaw isn't isn't connected by bone if you've seen a snake skull you'll know what I mean there lower jaw are like mandables

  16. Surprisingly, I got Piloswine correct! I had a sort of feeling that the second skull was either Rayquaza or Rhyhorn, eventually I settled for Rhyhorn haha. I had no idea what Primarina was, I thought it was a Braixen or Fenniken too.

  17. Ngl, vergolophus sounds a lot like Kronii

  18. This was so cool you should do another like this sometime

  19. And here I was convinced that the third one was Durant because I thought those were mandibles

  20. I figured piloswine and rayquaza skull but I also guessed the first one was fennekin but chonkier version of rayquaza was quite amazing.

  21. What if.. Pokemon were Dinosaurs ((I know fossil mon exist)) what would we think they look like? Like a Flygon or a Muk? WHAT ABOUT A PALKIA?!

  22. I got all 3! The horns on the 3rd gave it away for me.

  23. That Rotem joke was good, I didn’t think of the actual microwave as the skeleton, but ur not wrong

  24. I knew the second one was a snake Pokémon but that’s the extent that I got

  25. I actually called it with the third one. I knew immediately when I saw the tusks. The size of the skull was probably meant to throw him off. A closer look at a smaller skull makes it look like it comes from something bigger. But I saw right through that trick!

  26. I heard her say speculative evolution, spec evo is my life.

  27. I hate the perspective on the second skull's lower jaw lol 😂

  28. Wow I love how wholesome and supportive y’all are here

  29. Man, do I mourn my good, ol' Elasmotherium…

  30. I thought the 1st one look like a seal skull

  31. The second one looks like a boa constrictor skull to me so I'm going to guess sandaconda

  32. I would have gotten them all right if she wouldn't have dissuaded us from guessing Rayquaza

  33. Wait wouldn’t you never see a rhino horn in an ancient skeleton? They’re keratin not bone

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