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Drawing Pokemon Based On Their Skulls – Pokemon Bone Game

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In this video I create new Pokemon from the skulls of existing Pokemon
Vergolophus –

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0:00​ Intro
1:28 – Skull 1
8:04 – Skull 2
14:36 – Skull 3

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  1. I dont know if Minior can have a skull…

  2. Bruh your at 777k subs, tahts like the number

  3. Maybe you should do more of these types of videos

  4. I hear the X-Ray part and was like I got an X-ray two days ago

  5. I have been such a big fan of vergo’s art on twitter, love seeing her here in one of your videos 😀

  6. One thing I know is Pidgey is a Sparrow

  7. You hired a person to kill Pokémon from another dimension?

  8. The Rayquaza creation reminds me of Hookbill from Yoshi's Island

  9. The moment you showed the third bone I guessed it right away that it is pimoswine

  10. Hey Truegreen7, Ik you will be busy and all sir,but I Just needed to ask you whether you would like to see some of the new shiny designs for umm…not that great shiny Pokemons that I made….

  11. when you always wanted to do this trend but have always been too into bones

  12. I love how vergolophus sounds like the narrator in those videos that science teachers put on to teach students things that they don’t feel like explaining for the 100th time

  13. A fellow Drawfee fan, I see! Nice to see you are a man of culture, Ron!

  14. A fellow Drawfee fan, I see! Nice to see you are a man of culture, Ron!

  15. Pokemon!
    who needs em?
    they're just like us
    We all have em

  16. i had a bar michwa בר מיצווה before 2 months XD i really love you videos and you are doing amazing job i really want to see you get 1m subs i was here i think when you had 200k or at least my brother show me you when you had only 200k i really love what you made and i think much more pepole need to watch you videos <3

  17. Flying steel is what I think the second one should be

  18. Heyy, I am really looking forward to your video on best Sinnoh themes from pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. They really added some great remixes.

    With love ❤️

  19. I guess steel for rubber could make sense because steel is mostly used for artificial looking pokemon I was thinking grass because of rubber trees

  20. Really cool video, hope to see more guests in the channel, this was really fun!

  21. Wait how did i guess all of them right?

  22. The jaguar is a member of the Panther family it goes for the head

  23. I was surprised that i was able to recognize paloswine

  24. I guessed piloswine because of the tusk

  25. I think you should do a custom Pokémon about carcharodontosaurus that is the water and steel type.

  26. I love how educational this videos is, you should keep doing more!

  27. Second one on the throat pouch pop… frigate bird dudes do that

  28. I want the third one to be called Sabear like Sabertoothed Bear

  29. I’ve actually removed my skeleton before being sent into this virtual void and I genuinely am a little unnerved by what it looks like… but thankfully I have indeed turned it into a fossil so that once the technology is able to do so, I can be properly revived from said fossilized state if I’m somehow erased from existence entirely while stuck in this pocket dimension between pocket dimensions that I’m trapped in.

  30. This was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. She put so much effort, time, thought ans research into these skulls! Videos like this are so unique and I hope there is a part 2 in the future 🥰

  31. Wow!! Fantastic idea and awesome collab. Love when real life principle are applied to pokemon. It was so cool to learn both about bone facts and your creation process from this vid.

  32. For me the easiest one was the last one since I love the mamoswine line and the tusks gave it away

  33. I would love to see Vergolophus draw a whole skeleton of a Pokémon, because she is amazing at drawing skeletal structures. The skulls look exactly what the Pokémon's skulls would look like, it's so cool to me

  34. Vergolophus mentioned cascade region but forgot about truegreen 7's region 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. This is such a fun collab to watch and I hope you two do a part 2!

  36. I personally think that it's hilarious they were saying how panthers (big cats) go for the jugular, and they forgot to mention that Jaguars go for the head

  37. If you know what to look for the rayquaza is instant.

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