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Drawing Roblox Avatars… but with VOICE CHAT!

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In this video… I drew Roblox avatars!! BUT! with a twist… VOICE CHAT! This video was really fun to make… and I ended up drawing 7 different people in total :0 I might make another video with voice chat cause I really enjoyed doing it, and it was fun to talk to different people 😀

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The game I played was MIC UP! –

I use Procreate + an Apple Pencil to draw, and Premiere Pro to edit my videos! (and OBS to record)

Mwha ha ha I got a video out for this month… I AM GOING STRONG!! I WILL POST A VIDEO AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH BELIEVE IN ME GUYS!!!

Music Used (In Order):
Miitopia OST – Catalog, Mario and Sonic Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Pocket Marathon, Mario and Sonic Rio 2016 Olympic Games – The Pousada, Mario and Sonic Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Duel Football – Interim Results, Sonic Unleashed – Spagonia, Tomodachi Collection – Food Shop, Saiki K – Love Flower, Wii Fit Plus – User Settings, Tomodachi Live – Vitality Ranking, Miitopia – A Lively Inn, Wii Party – Match Up, DK Rap (the best), Pokemon X & Y – Coiffure Clips, Pokemon Sun and Moon – Hau’oli City (Night), Final Fantasy XIII – Chocobo Carnival, Skyward Sword – Inside a House, Sonic 3 – Angel Island Zone Act 1

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  1. Oooo, I love it!! Do you draw fans avatar too?🤩

  2. omg these are so cute!! you've gained a new sub! 🙂

  3. Hello Wandrat I was wondering if you could draw me and I’ll pay for it😊

  4. pls draw my character name:ROBLOXEFE123PROGAMER

  5. you have the best videos i draw too and this makes me more better at drawing🤩

  6. this video was posted 4 days before my birthday! 🙂 ur really nice ur a good drawer!

  7. Can you color more people I like your videos

  8. Can you make more videos please I’m Megan you because you’re the best and I like your videos

  9. i love how in the second one at the end the one dude was just so confused and like "WAIT WHAT LOOKS GOOD?!"


  11. Your art style is sooooooooo amazing and pretty! Also, procreate records videos for you if you forget to record them unless it’s turned off


  13. What is the name of this I can't remember please tell me

  14. I realy like this it helps me draw more thingss

  15. WHO is that corpse husband ass voice in the back-

  16. Bro that girl was freaking out so much she nearly died 💀

  17. Im new and i love your drawings already man.. just.. man! Its just muah👄👌

  18. Btw your like making ppls day more better

  19. You know that bird and emo pictuere you drawed you could write aboth the emo like: im not a emo and the bird: your a emo(first sentence)

  20. ꧁☯︎𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚛•𝙸𝚜•𝙷𝚎𝚛𝚎ッ☯︎꧂ says:


  21. hiii! i have a question im going to try to draw u in roblox spray paint but idk how to show it to uuu

  22. Pls can you do mine is SkyTheQueen808

  23. The fact that kevinhlls just came sayings “ I AM SWIMMING”

  24. Can you do other vid like this ty. I luv ur vide pls do me in a vid..bunnyluver_67

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