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Drawing Squid Game in Anime Manga Styles | Bleach ブリーチ

Norridzuan Art
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Drawing squid game characters in bleach style, ブリーチ

Tools use:
Strathmore Marker Paper 400 series 22.9cmx30.5cm
Mechanical pencil 2B 0.7
Artline drawing system
Copic Multiliner
Touchfive marker
Copic Sketch
Faber castell polychromos

Squid game pink soldier theme song | no copyright music | remix
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Green light red light tiktok remix | aquid game no copyright music remix
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  2. The handsome guy is ali abdul indian our actor

  3. Lizzie Galactic YT also Japanese princess Riza says:

    That's really nice

  4. Paints the last one
    Me: that should be Ali
    Paints Ali
    Me: yeah

  5. That is really really well done. You're really good at copying Kubo's style and Squid Game really fits this style as well.

  6. Él juego del calamar 😰😱😨⛏️🔪

  7. This video is underwatch, youtube need to recommend this.

  8. It is very beautiful but you draw not like the characters 100%. But I very like it.

  9. Lol, not an artist but, non of them have the same looks, even the shape of the heads and lips

  10. It's like a mixture between Kubo's and Isayama's styles.

  11. Really cool great job 😎✨ it would be cool to see hunger games character's in bleach style

  12. What an amazing crossover between squid games and bleach if they gave you permission to remake it into an anime I definitely will binge watch it lolll keep up the great work!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. These are gorgeous. I would certainly buy a comic of this!

  14. 456 67 101 218 240 001 199 29 its black mask Is Squid Game

  15. This style to me is more of a mash up of Attack on Titan x Bleach

  16. This channel is gold! Your imagination is just amazing!

  17. Kinda looks like Tite Kubo style, it looks great!

  18. 456 is he winner of squid game because he is the main character

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