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Drawing Squid Game in Anime Manga Styles | Bleach ブリーチ

Norridzuan Art
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Drawing squid game characters in bleach style, ブリーチ

Tools use:
Strathmore Marker Paper 400 series 22.9cmx30.5cm
Mechanical pencil 2B 0.7
Artline drawing system
Copic Multiliner
Touchfive marker
Copic Sketch
Faber castell polychromos

Squid game pink soldier theme song | no copyright music | remix
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Green light red light tiktok remix | aquid game no copyright music remix
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  1. Love ur art,can u mke vid draw Ichigo hollow mask

  2. You should just make a squid game manga with this exact art style

  3. It is just like BLEACH ADAPTATION.. this man deserve a million subs

  4. How you learn Other Manga artists Art Style?

  5. The deok-su one is funny😂

  6. They looks more scary and u forgoted Deok Su's tatoo

  7. こんだけ描けたら楽しいやろな

  8. Adult-psychological-thriller manga genre.. Amazing..

  9. Actually, all of the squid game characters who died -meet a shinigami – a soul reaper. Right??? So… Is this a cross over ? I'd love to see that!!!!

  10. at this point, everything would look great in bleach artstyle, 👏👏👏 to tite kubo for making it to mainstream

  11. Jangan Bleach Style terus, biar gak bosen . Coba pake Junji Ito Style .

  12. How come i just noticed the front mans nose is a flash light

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  14. 11:31 Bao nhiêu tiếng pháo giao thừa. Bấy nhiêu cân thính mới lừa được anh

  15. I want video squid game in anime manga styles Naruto

  16. In my opinion, The old man and Jang-Deok-su actually looks older than they are in the squid game.

  17. Hey just a fan request can u draw world leaders in medieval style thank u so much its always my fantasy to see such leaders in medieval era (:

  18. your art captures it so well, its af if dark horse picked it up and started a western comic series. Great stuff

  19. Nice….XD now draw them as the gotei 13 captains

  20. That doll song remix hits hard

  21. 🍡🍭🍿🍩🍧🌰🍧🌰🥮🍰🥛🍺🍷🍭🍷🍭🍭🍷🍭🍰🍺🍭🍰🍷🍰🍷🧁🍷🍺🍷🍿🍺🍺🎂🍩🍺🍩🍺🍺🍬🍺🧁🍮🍷🍿🍺🍩🍺🧁🍩🧉🍭

  22. ꧁ ERIE Arts Vlog 1級似顔絵師エリエのお絵描きちゃんねる꧂ says:

    I like idea🌟👏👏

  23. Wow…amaizing….
    you are a real artist…Perfect👍👍

  24. Dope art bro. But i think u forgot some minor detail. The snake tattoo

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