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Drawn Gheesling – NLSS Dan Drawing Games Highlights (Suggested by Rukario)

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And you thought Danglish was hard to parse.

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Dan Gheesling

Credits swords by Chotakana!


  1. Dan lives on a 4D plane of existence while we are all stuck in 3D.

  2. Dude Dan is a jeanyas. I'm kind of serious tho I could never be as creative as that.

  3. Dan is such a beautiful individual.


    1:12:22 "Lucky charms is racist." That is possibly the whitest thing I've ever heard him say.

  4. Please do a comp of every story Malf and NL tell about their college house, those things get me every time

  5. I really hate that I managed to guess that Tony Hawk/skating drawing.
    Like "oh, yeah! Birdman! That's Tony Hawk!"

  6. This just hits different when you’re drunk as hell.

  7. The neversoft logo in the skating one got me so hard

  8. It's crazy hearing Ryan teach Rob what 'woke' means. Obviously it had a profound effect on him 😀

  9. I love when NL figures it out and he hates himself for doing so.

  10. Dan plays this game like Karl Pilkington did Songs of Phrase.

  11. These videos are a blessing, you're doing the lords work Toasty <3

  12. I would love to see a highlight video of all the monstrosities Ryan’s drawn over the years.

  13. I do think that dan has some kind of mental cheat codes to reality. The hoops this mans brain has to jump through to make this madness is amazing.

  14. Dan is like "a beautiful mind" but instead of math it's really obscure pop references filtered through each other several times but also not 100% accurate and sometimes sports is involved somehow.

  15. Halfway through the video I actually started understanding Dan's mind

  16. You can't convince me otherwise, c-rupt is a great drawing.

  17. Honest to god question: is Dan like, for real, a psychopath?

  18. If you 👉 leave 🚶‍♂️ Mickey 🐀, you 👉 gonna end 🔚 up 🔝 like Goofy 🐶

  19. you know you're in for it when you hear "you gotta stick with me on this one"

  20. I wish instead of demon-stray-shun he went for *de-menstruation*, would've been amazing!

    And I fully thought rind-stein was rind-beer meaning reindeer

  21. Probably way late to say this but at kite bit he is referencing.

    Box kites using half truths like 99.9% positive. They can do crazy stunts and often are flown with two strings.

  22. I know this was from a while ago, but the fact that they thought the lucky charms mascot was racist baffles me, he doesn’t represent an Irish person, he is a bloody leprechaun

  23. It kills me that he always puts it together right at the end

  24. I am so proud of myself I actually figured out the top syrup panel immediately

  25. Oh no, moment's of this video are so very very terrible and so very very horrible.

  26. I'm so happy that the bit where Dan found out what furries were was kept in even though it wasn't him drawing anything.

  27. swedish pizza at 9:30 is one of my favorite nlss bits of all time. maybe it's been immortalized by the try not to laugh challenges but holy smokes does that crack me up every time

  28. A sporcle quiz trying to figure out Dan's drawings would be great!

  29. I fucking love that Northern is the Dan whisperer most of the time

  30. Equally frustrated but also fascinated by Dan

  31. dan is like an outsider artist but his medium is communication

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