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[ENG] Chaotic Seiyuu Drawing Game

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I really procrastinated subbing this since they talk soooo much haha but in the end I had to do it because I just love how chaotic these otomate party games get! I hope you enjoy~


Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
Morikubo Shoutaro 森久保祥太郎
Miyata Kouki 宮田幸季
Hino Satoshi 日野聡
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu 松岡禎丞
Ishikawa Kaito 石川界人
Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一

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  1. 4:57
    Kirito when join non harem route, which mean he will not meet his harem again

  2. I wanna salute Kaito's confidence 😂😂

  3. 8:31
    The left guy is tomoaki maeno aka mikakoshi's husband, and the guy in the middle who wore white suit is saitama, beside him are rengoku & shin asuka voice actor

  4. 8:36
    If kaito aka left guy join KNY, it will be great reunion from this event

  5. otomate party is chaotic as always lol, hoping to have more otomate content! ☺️

  6. If u see seiyuu and drawing in the same sentence, it can either go incredibly amazing or a chaotic mess

  7. it's hilarious to see the results 😂 also may i ask, what year is this otomate party?

  8. bro 😭 I can't with them, what is this 😭
    guess we know why they're voice actors and not artists

  9. Thank you for subbing this, I need more Takahashi Hidenori videos😳💕

  10. Thank you for yoour effort!! I really appreciate it 🙂

  11. "I know the answer but… EHH?!" That had me laughing so much 😂 thank u for subbing!! Love seiyuu content always so hilarious haha

  12. Oh man. Otomate party stuff is always so funny.

    Also is that Furukawa Makoto I see in the Suzumura team? O.O

  13. Any seiyuu event which consists of game/competition like this always pure chaotically funny xD thanks for the sub & share Chrissy <3 Looking forward to your seiyuu updates again

  14. I couldn't get over "Sho-chan" for Morikubo!

  15. I'm laughing.. and mesmerised with suzuken's tight pants at the same time 😗👀🔥❤️

  16. than you for translating this one, it was really funny :). will look forward to the second part with suzuken ❤️

  17. Fyi, peso is a currency used in Philippines.

  18. The staff seriously thinks crazy stuff…and making them do it..its downright funny.Thank you for Ur work..btw what's the anime or event

  19. saw someone familiar with just his rare view- and it turns out my favorite seiyuu tsugutsugu- so i see tsugutsugu- i click

  20. It's impossible doing those within 1 minute, but I still laugh at the result 😂 Morikubo-san and Tori-san's art is just like abstract painting in a museum 😂🤣

  21. Amazing drawings by amazing seiyuu. I really loved the wireless drawing 🤣

  22. To be fair one minute wasn't enough time to draw, they should have gave them 5 minutes at least! But everyone still did a pretty good job! Matsuoka's was my fav XD

  23. One's draw are full of circles and curves meanwhile the other is just lines xD

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