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Epic Online Drawing Games & Apps Gameplay

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Hello YouTube Gaming. Welcome to the 5th episode of bad art apps, in which some of the apps aren’t that bad. 🙂

Music used in this video (in order of appearance):



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Tablet – Wacom Intuos Art medium
Software – Photoshop CC 2015



  1. The longer you wait to play quick draw the more boring it gets, because the neural network just keeps learning

  2. The draw play game has a naruto backround music thing

  3. And I think to myself….
    What a memeful world…

  4. I don’t know what I just watched for 56 seconds.

  5. da hecc is up wit ur ads on the sides, r u like Swedish or German or whatever language that is… im an uneducated american biscuit

  6. Challa you should play Passpartout: The Starving Artist, its on steam

  7. 0:13 hehehehe, i'll make a ringtone so u can download it in meh vid o3o brb

  8. Challa: i shouldnt swear
    Challa 2 seconds later: WHAT THE FU–

  9. Everytime he says "darn" an eleven year old stabs me

  10. “anOthEr FucKinG Ad!”

    Wow Challa has emotions

  11. The intro had about as much emotion as your entire channel so far

  12. the intro is the only reason i still havent killed myself

  13. When you can’t tell the difference between challa and the text to speach

  14. You can say 9/11 was an inside job instead of saying fuck, just a suggestion.

  15. his voice is an accurate representation of my life

  16. God damn it.. speak faster xD I had to speed u up haha

  17. Ay te pasas xD bueno gracias por los reviews =)

  18. funfact, in portuguese bee is called 'abelha'
    so the bee/ant drawing is techinicaly not wrong

  19. idk if anyone told you before but you look a lot like machine gun kelly here <3 love ur content man was checking out old videos 😛

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