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Since we couldn’t find Draw My Thing, Nanners, Chilled, and I found some other online drawing games to play! First we found Guess A Sketch, but then Adam got banned for saying bad words. Then the second game we found was Pintrillo! Hope you guys enjoy the derpy drawings!

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Guess A Sketch:


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  1. Fuck man.

    I cut a finger off my right hand today… on the other hand, im fine

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  3. Is Ze still using his tablet to draw these? They're still entertaining nonetheless. Especially crack. That one was really funny xD

  4. That was hilarious and adorable. Keep up the good work, Ze! 🙂

  5. Did you know? At one point of youtube, a channel had the most amount of subscribers, but had only 1 subscriber!

  6. Ze, why do you keep typing the wrong amount of letters?

  7. Typical Nanners, getting himself banned in games.

  8. This is a really old one saw it on chilleds channel ages ago

  9. "Why am I flat?" -chilled
    Well you see chilled when you hit your end of. The sentence. You go through something called puberty

  10. someone tried to bring back omgpops draw my thing and they did a good job.

  11. Ze is actually fantastic at drawing,so is Adam.

  12. Gosh dangit, you guys are so dumb. xD lol

  13. Types in words… not paying attention to how many characters the answer is…. Pro Skills xD

  14. How come you can't see Chilled's comments?

  15. The moment Nanners start talking about ice cream sandwiches I was opening one. We must be connected somehow.

  16. I wish Ze would have drawn a butt for teh word 'crack' xDDD

  17. chilled since when does a wagon have a exhaust pipe out the back of it XD

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