Fun Drawing Game -

Fun Drawing Game

Jake Parker
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Tate joins me to answer a couple questions and play a drawing game.

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  1. As a "british person" I am deeply offended by your comment

  2. did you name your son after the British art gallery in London?

  3. I love his tumblr! I really want to see him in more videos! Love it! Was so fun!

  4. I remember playing similar game as a kid, but our version was a bit more "complicated" in a sense that we would fold the paper 3 or 4 times depending on number of people playing. The end result was always funny and unexpected. Thanks for the reminder, Jake, we're so playing this with my friends!

  5. That was a another great video. Please bring Tate back soon.

  6. I love Tate's comics, it's some my favorite!

  7. Tate could start a comic in webtoon….

  8. Tate is so cute I'm one year older than him

  9. mildly crushs on cute artist boy :')

  10. Tate reminds me of a cute Michael Cera.

  11. Here's a practical question for you Jake (or anybody that wants to reply): Does your hand start aching after you've been drawing for a couple of hours? If so, how do you deal with it?

  12. It is called exquisite corpse! Love it! Thanks for the video!

  13. We played this game dividing the paper into four parts. Everybody started with the head and we rotated it around. The body parts were head, chest/arms, rear end/upper legs, and feet. We didn't have a name for it either.

  14. I’m British and I have said good day once in my life

  15. When i have no creative ideas watching youtube videos of you or someone else being creative and drawing pictures that i wish i could draw it is very motivating.

  16. I want to see some of tates sketchbooks. I would like to see the progress and how the style evolved

  17. Holy crap he looks way different and has a deeper voice

  18. I did enjoy the game a lot. I liked the first drawing the best. To me the top part is the reaction of the driver when he noticed he was about to run over the kid. I loved it. Yes, I would love to see Tate in more videos. It was nice to see him again. Is very nice that he is spending this time with you. I miss the time my children used to spend with me. They are teenager now and they are most of the time in there own thing. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I think Tate should make some black t-shirts with the word "Sketchbookist" in the front and his logo in the top center on the back and sell them. Do it before someone else take your made up word wish I think is unique and fun. Even the domain name I believe is available.

  20. It's called exquisite corpses. The game. It was also done by Salvador Dali with other artist friends. If they originated the idea I don't know.

  21. This game is also called the exquisite corpse game, it was played by surrealist artists, interestingly enough. We always played it in groups of three, so one person draws the top, one person draws the middle, then one person does the bottom.

  22. Well, thanks for giving me a label! I will tell everyone I am a sketchbookist! Great content

  23. It is a half of the vid they still talking. wtf??

  24. We uset to play this game in kindergarten, and in preschool.

  25. His drawing style is so cool, looks a lot like adventure Time

  26. Growing up with an artist dad would be so cool..all the art books and comics on the shelf🥵. No one in my family is artistic.😐

  27. Oh that intro was cute and Awesome 🔥

  28. Does Tate havve aa you tube channel?
    And eah bring him back again now in 2021

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