Funny Mortis Drawing Game! -

Funny Mortis Drawing Game!

Tribe Gaming
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▶ @Rey – Brawl Stars
▶ @natwithaheart
▶ @Tom – Brawl Stars
▶ @SpenLC – Brawl Stars
▶ @Cori – Brawl Stars

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  1. Cmooonnnn guyzzz where's pat i need to see pat in tribe videos asap dkxjoensjdos also where are kairos and lex what has happened here

  2. Yeah again hopefully noone does the same thing as last time(I mean the part where one of them ruined the cycle)

  3. Welp primo jumping with 10 gems looks better than the last drawing of tick jumping with 10 gems srry snow man tick

  4. I’ve played this game in real life it’s called telestrations

  5. Can you do a challenge in brawl stars where you all create a maze and you see who’s is the best

  6. This video should be called: "OJ expressing the tribe club with his art skills"

  7. This series is very entertaining. If only you could have more Tribe members participate to make it longer. Also, Rey doesn’t like Geography and it appears Tom doesn’t like drawing

  8. the game created my friend 😀 no joke from czech

  9. Ben :I AM GRIFF
    REYY:buff tick
    NAT:buff tick because he was broken
    Tom:50 rank every brawler
    Spen:top 10

  10. quick summary of the vid: Mortis

  11. the first round ben album is the funniest lol

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