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Game Review – Draw It!

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Play Draw It! now at ! Draw It! is a social drawing game where one person draws and everyone else guesses.

Game: Draw It!
Play it at:
Creator: stickmasterluke


  1. I wonder how many penii were edited out of this video.

  2. Yay I love this game too keep up the good work Maxxz

  3. Wow, but a mod made the game. SO why u make a game revieuw about it?

  4. Who thumbs down? Is it because it is made by an administrator? Maxxz isn't a ROBLOX staff member… I don't think.

  5. First comment, better say something good…. ummmmm….. BACON!

  6. I remember the first time I played it… I got a bunch of hard ones xD

  7. I'm glad the admins or, Maxxz, don't run into the inappropriate servers. But the inappropriate people probably stop when they see Maxxz there.

  8. are you the person that really roblox

  9. never saw this game before but i play roblx

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