Gartic Phone - The Drawing Telephone Game! (8-Player Gameplay) -

Gartic Phone – The Drawing Telephone Game! (8-Player Gameplay)

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Stumpt plays Gartic Phone! A game where you create a drawing prompt, then someone draws it, then someone else has to guess what the prompt is. And it goes on and on with more and more drawings!
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  1. Please play more of this, I was laughing so hard at every prompt.

  2. Ash's lizards drinking boba tea drawing was so cute. Please play more Gartic phone! I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

  3. I am astonished that the drawing of tails having a tea party with kratos even managed to convey the involvement of a beverage.

  4. Thanks stumpt, mod and Anne, haven't laugh this hard since this year starts

  5. I play this game all the time with friends on the Bug Fables discord server so it's kind of neat seeing it pop up in other places

  6. gartic phone = chinese whispers but ART

  7. Trying to imagine how insane it would have gotten had Ash gotten that prompt, panicked and wrote “Urkel gets turned down for a car loan” in desperation. We probably would have all died of asphyxiation.

  8. I wish we could see Jazzy's/Rik's/Price's point of view next time. Great vid, Stumpt!

  9. Gartic is the name of a drawing game similar to scribblio (I think it is ol). It's pretty popular in Brazil (I'm Portuguese (from Portugal), but the website was one of the only ones in my language, so I used to play it and watch videos of it)

  10. GarlicPhone best game

    Yes i mispelled on purpose

  11. Never have I ever cried from laughing so much!

  12. Watching EFAP crew play this was a joy to behold.

  13. No wonder why the zebra's failing at blackjack; he's playing with non-existent cards!

  14. I love how Ash wrote gentlemen ants and then reconsidered

  15. I need more of this 😂😂😂😂
    Try the others modes

  16. This put me into tears 🤣I really hope you guys play more of this

  17. Please PLEASE make this a series

  18. So its minecraft building game but with pictures from what i can tell.

  19. You Guys should try The Knock off option in Gartic Phone. That one is hilarious.

  20. You should make a part 2 Ash, its really funny!

  21. Noble Ice Cream Knight is the new Bean Can Joe.

  22. Please play more!!! This is gold!!!😂🥰

  23. This is the best thing I've watched in a long time. It's midnight and I'm laughing as quietly as I can so I don't wake my family up. This is why you guys are my favorite channel!

  24. Jazzy, Price and Rik are pretty good at drawing! I would love to see the drawing from Jazzy's pov.

  25. My head hurts to, laughing should not come in this big of bundles

  26. This is just ”Drawley” i think? Draw- something

  27. Secret, Knock-off, and Sandwich are better than just normal when playing with a smaller group of people. Or at least that's my experience when playing with only a couple of friends, lol

  28. So, it’s essentially an online version of tellestrations

  29. Would love to see the view of Jazzy or Rik or Price cuz their drawing are so amazing and would love to know how they did it

  30. The company that made Gartic Phone has also made a variety of other online/streaming multiplayer games (including several card games that I've never personally heard of, but which are apparently very popular down in Brazil). "Gartic" is the name of their "free drawing platform"/own version of Pictionary, and all the drawing-based games they've made since have had "Gartic" in the name, I guess as a sort of branding thing.

    Still not entirely sure where the word itself comes from, though. Maybe it's a play on words that works better in Portuguese?

  31. huh i never knew Jas was such a great artist, Jas's art was amazing

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