GARTIC PHONE The Telephone Game | Who's Best at Drawing? in Challenge of the Week -

GARTIC PHONE The Telephone Game | Who’s Best at Drawing? in Challenge of the Week

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By popular request, Andy, Jane and Mike (plus Ellen of Outside Xtra) play Gartic Phone, the drawing telephone game where anything can happen, especially weird and inexplicable drawings. Who is the best at drawing? Let’s find out in this week’s Challenge of the Week stream, starting from Wednesday 7 July at 5PM UK time.

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  1. Andy trying to preserve sensitive artist Luke and keep him away from F1 is hilarious. "What have you done to Luke?!" 🤣

  2. Dangit! I had been hoping you would play this and now I missed it because I was playing Hitman D: Honestly, I blame you lot: the only reason I got the game in the first place is because the '3 ways to play' videos were so much fun. Soooo … thanks?

    And oh man, this was hilarious. I thought Ellen's Batman was good, but then Mike's Banjo image had me almost snort out my dinner. If you play this again, I do hope you can find more people. I've seen groups with 12-16 people and seen the story go from A to Ꝣ and back again. It's wild what people come up with.

  3. Finally a video about Gartic Phone without phallic objects every time. Or Homers and balls draped on frogs.

  4. Does the Loki-Hulk variant come down the ramp to “I am a real asgardian”?

  5. Any stream that Andy can sneak Tim Curry into has my full support

  6. This stream was nothing short of amazing =]

  7. My like on this video is respect for garlic bread.

  8. Ellen is adorable not in a creepy way just like her mannerisms and I have no idea why but I have always wanted Mike and she together are they? I know Mike is married is he to her? Would be a good couple I think

  9. 45 is not old dam it, it's not oh I'm old

  10. The pencil and paper version of this game, which I have always heard called scribblish, is my favorite party game, especially since all it requires is a few pencils and paper. I will say it does work with more people though… you kind of need at least 6 to 8. Once I played it with like 15 people, and that was a riot. Maybe the hardest I have laughed ever

  11. Three minutes in and Jane is already blackmailing people.

    Seems about right..

  12. Omg Banjo Kazooie in the oven, that's why you haven't seen a new game from them in over 10 years

  13. For the Carly rae imagine Forrest singing 'Call me Gravy'

  14. Wow, jane be hanging out with som weathered lookin 45 year olds

  15. …you maybe need more people and to have time limits on if you ever try it again.

  16. Oh my God…I think I was getting into Jane’s head, at one point! When she wrote latte art of a…and I said Pokémon, because I couldn’t think of a specific Pokémon fast enough, but she wrote Bulbasaur! Ellens drawing of a latte art Bulbasaur was so cute!🥰💚 But, I lost it when Andy wrote, Bulbasaur fell in my coffee! 🙁 😂😂😂 or banjo and kazooie getting baked and Mike drew banjo Kazooie in an oven getting baked. He interpreted a different way and I just died!😂🤪 oh my God Jane is such a Mum! So, she had to go take a call apparently. So, she was only gone like five minutes, or so. She comes back, and they’re talking about stuff, and she’s like I was gone only five minutes…what did you do?😂😂😂💖💖💖

  17. As soon as Mike said "I'm going to draw this in the most legal way." I pictured a drawing of Banjo Kazooie in an oven 😂

  18. The immediate group laughter after Walt Disney rear ending your car made my heart so full 🥺

  19. Another False Knees and Perry Bible Fellowship fan here!

  20. Next time (please let there be a next time 😂) you could look at the custom settings tab to see if you could do sandwich etc without the timer?

  21. Mike interpreting the prompts differently was gold 😂

  22. I love how Jane's idea of a cat boy band is essentially Blink-180 Mew.

  23. 1:04:26 We were so close to a wonderful spit-take from Andy and I am so sad it didn't happen.

  24. I mean, I already knew Mike's great, but his love for Carly Rae Jepsen just made everything better.

  25. I was taught this game as "Eat Poop, You Cat". Get a few friends, a few notebooks, and a few pencils. Or even coloring pencils if you're fancy. Good times.

  26. Jane starting to figure out she probably has Aphantasia…🥲 I can relate, sis

  27. As a fellow Carly Rae Jepsen fan, "Carly Rae Jepsen Fan Mike" is also my favourite Mike. A man of taste.

  28. I love how Mike, on moral grounds, refused to draw an illegal act so he instead illustrated two animals in an oven 😅😂

  29. Really hoping they play this again with Luke next time!

  30. Bloody love the intro and outro music. Does it have a name?

  31. Jane just casually telling us that she has aphantasia definitely was a highlight for me.

  32. We played this game in person a couple years ago at a christmas party with 3×5 cards. It's called Telestrations.

  33. And just when I thought I couldn't like Mike more, I learn we both love Carly Rae Jepsen. My brother.

  34. You should play this with the Among Us group, this game is absolutely hilarious with 7 to 10 players.

  35. When I try to visualise Walt Disney, my brain kicks back John Waters or Vincent Price.

  36. This was really fun to watch, hope you play some more garlic phone.

  37. As a gray haired 33 year old, I hope I don't look like Jane's 45 year old

  38. 51:20 Because I need a shortcut to Andy ranting about Luke liking F1

  39. Not realising Jane was left-handed I was totally accepting of the idea she could draw just by staring at the screen and willing it into existence.
    47:21 Wait she also has aphantasia? I have so many questions. But, most of all, wow. Well done. That must be murder to exist with. (it's tough to say well done without it sounding unintentionally patronising, for which I apologise)

  40. Rewatching this and Mike being into Carly Rae Jepsen is the best Oxboxtra lore addition

  41. There's also a mashup of Call Me Maybe and X Gon' Give it To Ya, and it's amazing.

  42. Andy: Calls for respect for garlic bread
    Jane: Holds game hostage until a satisfactory sacrifice is presented

  43. I <3 gartic phone!!! its soooooooooooooooooooooo fun!

  44. I find it odd how no one knows how to even

  45. Mike: "I refuse to draw an illegal act"

    Isn't killing people with an oven an illegal act?

  46. I looked it up and Jack Black's mom did work on Apollo 13.

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