GARTIC PHONE The Telephone Game | Who's Best at Drawing? in Challenge of the Week -

GARTIC PHONE The Telephone Game | Who’s Best at Drawing? in Challenge of the Week

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By popular request, Andy, Jane and Mike (plus Ellen of Outside Xtra) play Gartic Phone, the drawing telephone game where anything can happen, especially weird and inexplicable drawings. Who is the best at drawing? Let’s find out in this week’s Challenge of the Week stream, starting from Wednesday 7 July at 5PM UK time.

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  1. I would just like to add to the F1 conversation that I also am now into F1 after Mike talking about it, despite not even knowing how to drive myself… some people just like when car go fast, Andy!

  2. Things I learned today, everyone on the team is pretty decent artists, Mike has… interesting taste in music, Jane is left handed, Ellen has a dimensional rift in her workspace, and Andy is housemates with Tim Rice.

    Raise your hand is you are envious of these people! (raises both hands)

  3. I have to take a call is a streaming secret the real meaning is
    I have to poop 💩 I will be back soon.
    Mr. Hankey loves us all

  4. Ellen,
    Could you please play the Pirate KOA DLC with Andy he loves pirates

  5. Jane having to look up what animals look like 😂😂

  6. Andy's outbursts of laughter are beyond contagious. Amazing.

  7. i feel like we learnt so much about Mike this stream. also there were a look of nice drawings

  8. Draw a 45 year old head – Jane

    Ummm I only got a couple years before full grey and wrinkles…-me

  9. Yeah, I mean.. this was fuuuuuuuuun, but would be even MORE fun is the OX team getting back together with Dice and Euro for some more AMONG US?! Weekly episode? 😀

  10. This is so much fun! I can see I'm not the only one suggesting this, but if you feel like playing this again and are able to get more people (such as Luke and maybe some of the Dicebreaker and/or Eurogamer crews), it'll make it all the more hilarious!

  11. good idea, needs more people. just 4 isnt enough. maybe do this with eruogamer and dicebreakers?

  12. Mike's skeletal art is shockingly on point. Especially for what little time he was working with.

  13. Mike: I refuse to draw something illegal!
    Me: Oh wow, that's right, it's still illegal over there! So not used to the UK being more backwards, culturally, than (some parts of) the US! (Though Canada having both beat is no surprise.) ☺

  14. loved this so much! hope y'all can play again

  15. Michelangelo was indeed on a timer under penalty of death should he fail to complete or impress.

  16. Can we watch literally anyone else's screen?

  17. The 60 skeletons (and one flaming skull) host E3.

    The downside: It’s all CG trailers and none of the games have release dates.

  18. Some friends of mine used to play a variation of this game they called fold overs. You would write a phrase, then the next person would draw it, and folder the paper over so the next person could only see the picture, and so on till you ran out of the page. Best with a large amount of people so you can see how crazy the original phrase goes.

  19. I wish I had caught this stream live, quite chill, and yesterday I needed chill.
    Good call going with the no rush mode, not only made it more chill, it allowed for more chit-chat amongst you charming people and more interaction with chat. And my anxious ass appreciated.

    I know that having audience participation would be risky, Eurogamer's Gartic stream had a lot of bodily fluids, butts and other parts, but that is normal for Eurogamer. Maybe could have more guests, even off-camera friends of the channel? Jon? Bendix? Lollies? More people means more layers and more chances for something to be lost in translation and derail everything.

    I mean, assuming you are going to do this again. I hope so.
    But I also trust you guys with coming up with more and different fun things to entertain us (and hopefully, yourselves).

  20. Heard a lot about this game, but never seen it in action till now. That was even better than I expected – and I was already envisioning something pretty entertaining and Jackbox-esque. I hope we'll get to see more in the weeks ahead.

  21. Where was the “It’s me Jane and I need your votes” prompt?

  22. She is great Mike, and Run Away With Me is a bloody banging tune. I love bopping out to it. Such a fun music video as well.

  23. After I saw Drawfee play this I was hoping other people would give it a shot. It's so fun to watch

  24. I think this stream is an hour and a half long advert for pen tablets and tablet monitors.

  25. Jane I ❤️u nothing wrong with blackmail in this specific circumstance.

  26. The reference in the beginning is also from "Lasagna, my dudes", that's why they all knew it.

  27. While I agree with Jane about it being totally fine to find fictional characters attractive, it’s also not surprising coming from a big mass effect fan

  28. Come for oxbox , stay for the xfiled and Jack Black chat 😛

  29. And I was almost getting worried there wouldn't be any Shork in this stream.

  30. This is my favourite OxBox video for quite a while! I would love more of this. So funny, so chill, so weirdly impressive! <3

  31. Being 45, I’m sad to see Jane’s drawing of a 45 year old head. She made me look 85!

  32. 1:04:26 I almost died from asphyxiation as I tried to stifle my laughter, hoping I don't wake up my housemates (it's 3am as I write this message).

  33. Jane to Andy: i'm just saying i know how your mind works.


  34. "I was drawing a big mickey in a car" laughs in irish slang

  35. Jane. What do you think 45yo look like? That is a horrendous drawing.

  36. They all seem to really hate this "Phillip Toole". Wonder what he did to cross them…

  37. Chickens occasionally cross the fine line of morality

  38. I had some garlic bread today. It was leftover from dinner a previous night. It was good, but not as good as when it was fresh.

  39. I feel like there should be another writing round, the second drawing doesn't get an obscure description.

  40. X-Files also has a young Donal Logue as well.

  41. Huey Lewis and The Mews

    Edit: Fun fact is there's a place named the "Mars Cheese Castle" here in Wisconsin. Doesn't look like Jane's "Palace 'O Cheese," though.

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