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Have fun playing Gartic locally with your friends and family. Perfect for parties and meetings for up to 8 people. All you need is a TV to use as canvas and cellphones to be the brushes and controllers.

Access using your TV Web Browser and scan the QR Code with your cellphone to create a game and join.

List of supported devices:
– Samsung Smart TVs (from 2020 or later) – App: Internet
– LG Smart TVs (from 2021 or later) – App: Web Browser
– Amazon Fire TV – App: Internet / Amazon Silk
– Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X – App: Edge
– Android TV – BrowseHere
– Any computer connected to a TV
– Or a monitor, using any browser

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  1. Não estou conseguindo acessar

  2. does the phone part work with other devices?

  3. There is one more program that I always try to click on the screen to be able to draw on the computer screen it does not appear gatty please fix this bug

  4. I tried two TVs and I couldn't I don't know why I can't connect because the QR code screen doesn't appear at all, the first one on the TV I tried gave an error and another one that It was big and stuck on an infinite loading screen I don't know how I'm going to be able to play gartic you have to help me please

  5. Strong project👊🏻👊🏻🍻🍻🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  6. "Any computer connected to a TV" – well, it doesn't work on my laptop (Firefox) connected to TV using PC monitor cable. It says "unsupported device" with no explanation whatsoever. Why is there a device limitation at all? If it's browser based, shouldn't it just work on any device? If the limitation is just because it's meant to be played on a TV, you should just "recommend playing on TV for best experience", not block it entirely.

  7. It doesn't work, I read the code, I tried to play with my friends, I couldn't play, I'm trying to draw on the screen, it doesn't work😠😠

  8. I love the idea! However when its time to draw something on the tv screen it stays white, is there anyway to fix this?

  9. i’m playing this with my family but everyone’s browser is glitched and no one can type in their answers

  10. When I entered the page from my television, I get an error, unsupported device and some cables

  11. Can i adjust the sensitivity for the gyroscope ?

  12. For me, the ball is not moving I move the cell phone but nothing happens, it stays still, someone help me

  13. I am trying to play but when I control my cellphone the drawing icon does not move.

  14. for me the ball is not moving I move the phone but nothing happens it stays still Can someone help me?

  15. Algim dia voçes pretemde adiciomar o gartic phone no android

  16. it says unsupported devive on samsung smart tv

  17. the idea is good but it doesn't draw anything on tv

  18. Eu acabei esquecendo minha senha e quando fui colocar meu email ele diz invalido, sendo que foi com esse email que me cadastrei. Tanto que fui tentar me cadastrar e ele diz que o email já está cadastrado. Ou seja como assim não posso fazer nova senha se foi com esse email que me cadastrei. Como posso resolver isso ?

  19. Tem que dar a possibilidade de jogar desenhando na tela, celulares sem giroscópio não podem aproveitar dessa ideia…

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